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ALL ABOUT ME Created By: Troy McElroy MY FAMILY.

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2 ALL ABOUT ME Created By: Troy McElroy


4 MY INTERESTS I love to play sports primarily football, I used to play biddy league and junior high, but stopped at 9 th grade. I like to hunt, fish, and ride my four-wheeler, my dad, my brother and I go to power line park every year to camp and ride four-wheelers for labor and memorial day weekends. I also like to hang out with friends every chance I get, it lets me have fun, relax, and escape from my everyday lifestyle and relieves stress.

5 MY FAVORITE MUSIC My Favorite Music is rap/hip hop. I also like to listen to country occasionally when I am in touch with my inner redneck. My favorite artists are Lil Wayne, and Machine gun Kelly (MGK), I like Lil Wayne because he is a very talented rapper and he makes great music. MGK is one of my favorites because I can highly relate to his lifestyle it is a lot like mine and he often tells about how hard he had it as a kid in his music. And he also makes really good music.

6 Goals in one year Goals after High School Goals in 5 yearsGoals in 10 years Get good gradesGo to collegeBecome a Police Officer Start a family Stay out of trouble Graduate collegeBe successfulBuy a house Get accepted into Mid-East Start career as Police Officer Make money My Goals

7 CHANGES I WOULD MAKE ABOUT MYSELF I would make myself be able to pay attention to detail and focus better. I would make myself want to do homework and study more. I would make myself make good decisions at all times. I believe if I could change all these things I would be a lot better of a person.

8 PLACES I WOULD LIKE TO VISIT I would like to visit Hawaii. I would like to visit Amsterdam. I would like to visit Australia. Also the Bahamas.

9 PEOPLE I WOULD LIKE TO MEET I would like to meet the whole roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The rapping sensation Lil Wayne My Idol and rapper MGK (machine gun Kelly).


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