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2nd Grade Curriculum Language Arts Mathematics Social Studies Science.

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1 2nd Grade Curriculum Language Arts Mathematics Social Studies Science

2 Language Arts Shared Reading Guided Reading Independent Reading Word Study Grammar Interactive Writing Independent Writing Journal Writing Handwriting Share (on Friday)

3 Guided Reading Vocabulary Readers Challenge Readers Chapter Books/Novels Leveled Classroom Library Lexile Leveled Books from the Library Newspaper Articles Supplemental Books Library/Internet Research

4 Individual Independent Reading Your child will choose his/her independent reading books based on their level and a specific genre. Independently read stories will be shared with the class and recorded in a “Book Log”. Your child must also complete a reading activity for each book read independently.

5 Literacy Binder/ Portfolio The following will be enclosed in your child’s Literacy Binder: 1.Writing Pieces 2.Word Wall 3.Reading Activities 4.Reading Log/Activity Log 5.Social Studies Work Samples 6.Science Investigations

6 Writing The class will be covering the following types of writing in 2 nd grade: Narrative Writing Informational Writing Opinion/Persuasive Writing Letters Emails Poetry Response Logs Chapter Books Research Reports Projects

7 Writing Skills Focus on the topic using the writing process and rubric Organize ideas logically: use graphic organizers Develop ideas with details Demonstrate precise and vivid word choices Outline logically to show order of events Use a topic sentence, details and closing sentence Be clear and concise

8 Collins Writing Program Type 1=Capture Ideas Type 2=Respond Correctly Type 3=Edit for FCAs (Focus Correction Areas) Type 4=Peer Edit for FCAs Type 5= Publish

9 Spelling Fundations Isolation of sounds to spell Use of individual word wall or dictionary for unknown spellings Use of resources Recognition of patterns Correct spelling of weekly words from Journeys

10 Handwriting Fundations Journal Daily journal Daily edit Writing assignments

11 Phonics/ Grammar Journeys Daily Edit Drops in the Bucket Use of learned phonics and grammar will be applied during reading and writing activities

12 2nd Grade Mathematics My Math Math Journals 1 and 2 Manipulatives Math Games Student Reference Books Problem solving/Critical Thinking Activity daily using Common Core Standards Practice Common Core 4 Today Mad Minute Arithmetic Developed Daily Reinforcement Websites Home Links Family Letter

13 2 nd Grade Mathematics Daily Instruction Includes: Math message Mad Minute Slate assignments for informal assessment Lesson of the Day A.D.D.= Arithmetic Developed Daily Common Core Standards Practice: Critical Thinking Word Problems Common Core 4 Today Math Games Websites to develop the Common Core

14 Social Studies Family Ties Earth, Our Home A Working World We the People Discovering Our Past People, Places, and Holidays

15 FOSS Science Program Insects and Plants Balance and Motion Pebbles, Sand and Silt

16 2 nd Grade Projects Topics will relate to the reading series and /or an area of interest to the children. The purpose is to build the repertoire between the students and encourage cooperative learning, problem solving, researching and critical thinking.

17 Unit Tests At the end of each unit in Mathematics, there will be a test on the material covered in that unit. Your child’s grade and specifics about the test will be sent home. Feel free to contact me once you receive the grade if you have questions. The test will be available for you to review in your child’s portfolio.

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