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Mass Communication Possibly the most influential form of human communication.

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1 Mass Communication Possibly the most influential form of human communication

2 Types of communication Mass Communication- The process of delivering information, ideas and attitudes to a large and diverse audience by the use of different forms of media. This is communication with an unseen audience –What are some examples of Mass communication (AKA Media)?

3 What are some different types of channels for mass communication? Radio Television Movies Commercials Internet Books Magazines Newspapers Music Videogames

4 Why is Mass Media so important? It shapes the way we think, what we see, and how we feel. The media decides what they want to tell us, teach us, show us.

5 Importance of Mass Media JFK/Nixon debate- 1960 a little known senator, John Kennedy and well-liked senator, Richard Nizon televised a debate. Kennedy won the debate and also the election. 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast- during a regular radio show the population was convinced that aliens were attacking the major cities of the US. –

6 Deception in mass media Product placement Subliminal messages Targeting audience (facebook ads for ex.) Swayed news articles Conservative Liberal

7 Deception- Commercials Raising the volume Celebrity endorsements False advertising- the use of false or misleading statements in advertising, and misrepresentation of the product – –

8 Deception in magazines and ads Photoshop – f46U f46U

9 It is important to be a critical audience member. Analyze the information given to you, don’t just take it as fact. –Step 1- Ask what they want of you (persuade you to buy something? Hook your attention so you’ll view or listen longer? Etc.) –Step 2- Analyze the values or assumptions that the program represents –Step 3- Make your own judgment

10 Your Assignment: Mass Media Journal- for the next three days, write down every example of mass media you hear (commercial, song, news stories, etc.) Next to each entry write what the message was they were sending you, if they tried to convince you of something, if there was violence involved, etc.)

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