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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Lesson 6: Working with Layouts and Graphics.

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1 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Lesson 6: Working with Layouts and Graphics

2 Changing the Layout of a Slide The layout of a slide can be changed at any time during the creation of the presentation. The slide content will be repositioned based upon the slide layout that is selected.

3 Inserting a Picture Images from many sources can be used in conjunction with PowerPoint. Insert  Images  Picture to insert a picture from a file. Insert  Images  Clip Art to insert a clip art.

4 Inserting Clip Art Inserting clip art into a presentation can add interest. Clip art includes illustrations, photographs, videos and sounds as well as other graphical elements. Microsoft stores clip art in the Microsoft Clip Organizer. Find more clip art online.

5 Modifying a Picture Changing image attributes such as size, brightness, and contrast can further enhance the slide. Cropping an image can allow the user to customize the image for their needs.

6 Scaling an Image Graphics can be scaled to the desired size after they are inserted. The Size group on the Picture Tools Format Ribbon will display the original dimensions of the image, in the event that the default settings need to be restored. Uncheck this box to adjust picture size in a way that would change the aspect ratio.

7 Recoloring a Clip Art Image Images can be recolored to coordinate with the presentation. Picture Tools  Format  Adjust Color

8 Inserting and Modifying WordArt WordArt allows the user to create a graphical image from text.

9 Inserting a Table into a Slide Tables allow for organized data to be displayed in a presentation. Tables may be modified to enhance their appearance in a presentation. Gridlines may be controlled by the Gridlines Command on the Table Tools Layout Ribbon.

10 Insert a Textbox into a Slide A blank slide is the perfect location to place a blank textbox to create a customized slide. A textbox may be formatted using the Drawing Tools Format Ribbon. This is a text box! You format it on the Drawing Tools Format Tab

11 Creating and Modifying Photo Albums You can also format the pictures by: – Changing the layout – Adding slide titles – Adding frames and/or captions – Converting them to black and white – Rotating them – Applying artistic effects – Changing their brightness and contrast Photo albums are presentations designed specifically to display photographs. Can be inserted by going to Insert  Illustrations  Photo Albums

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