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 Advancement  Via  Individual  Determination.

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2  Advancement  Via  Individual  Determination

3  You met standards on ISATs  Your grades/effort show you are capable for accelerated classes  Most importantly, you were recommended by your teachers as students who meet AVID standards by your effort, ability and citizenship

4  AVID class meets daily in place of Exploratory class  Learn organizational, note-taking, test- taking skills  Twice a week, do “tutorials” and get extra help from outside tutors to be more successful in your classes  Encourages you to be successful in accelerated classes in middle school, honors and AP classes in high school  Encourages you to be college-bound!

5 Teaches study and organizational skills Uses English as a writing tool for learning Strengthens writing skills Gives extra chances to ask questions about difficult classes Teaches students to work collaboratively to be successful in the most rigorous courses Field trips to visit colleges and universities Assists students with the application process for four year colleges and universities Helps students explore careers through guest speakers

6  Wednesday, February 8th – AVID Parent Night  4:15-5:15 PM Session 1  6:30-7:30 PM Session 2  Thursday, February 23 rd – AVID Applications due to Student Services  April 4-8 th – 6 th & 7 th grade AVID Interviews with AVID Teachers & Counselors

7  Due February 23 rd to Student Services  Have it in on time  Put your name on it  Teacher recommendations (2)  Counselor recommendation  Student application / essay

8  2.0 GPA  3-ring binder  Cornell notes/learning logs in all classes  Complete all homework assignments and commit to 2 hours of homework a night  AVID tutorials  AVID field trips and activities

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