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Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

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1 Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

2 Matter Mixtures Pure substance Elements Compounds Multiple substances

3 Types of pure substances
Elements Compound Simplest, pure substance, One type of atom present Can’t be broken down. Represented by symbols. Example: Na-Sodium Fe-Iron 2 or more elements chemically combined. Represented by chemical formulas. Unique properties that are different from the elements that make it. Example: Water H2O

4 Types of Mixtures Mixtures
1. Made of more than one kind of pure substance. 2. Can be separated or pulled apart physically ( they aren’t chemically combined) 3. 2 types: Heterogeneous Homogeneous

5 Describe in a T-Chart Pure substances Mixtures

6 Heterogeneous Mixtures
1. Not the same throughout. 2. Large easily seen particles that can be separated out. 3. Heterogeneous liquid mixtures are also known as suspensions. Settles after standing. Examples: salad, Italian dressing,

7 Homogeneous Mixtures Homogeneous Mixtures 1. Appears same throughout
2. Well mixed 3. Will not completely settle upon standing, 4. Tiny unrecognizable particles 5. Homogenous mixtures are also called Solutions. Examples: Kool-aid

8 molecule: a group of atoms that are held together by chemical forces
molecule: a group of atoms that are held together by chemical forces. Atoms that make up a molecule act as a unit.


10 Element, Compound, Molecule or Mixture? Use the following choices:
A=element B=compound C=mixture D= mixture of elements F= mixture of compounds G=mixture of elements & molecules

11 Make a T-Chart to compare and contrast the two types of mixtures
Homogeneous Mixture Heterogeneous mixture



14 Suspensions (Heterogeneous Mixtures)

15 Solutions


17 Mixture Question? What is the difference between a heterogeneous and homogeneous mixture?



20 Graphic Organizer Create a graphic organizer to show the relationship between the following terms: elements compounds homogeneous mixtures heterogeneous mixtures suspensions colloids solutions

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