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Oversight of cruise lines at issue Difficult points.

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1 Oversight of cruise lines at issue Difficult points

2 Paragraph 16 «The other possibility is that they were just a shower of turkeys – incompetent- on the bridge»

3 Macmillan English Dictionary, 2009 shower. n 5 (British informal), a group of people who you do not like or respect / it banda/ branco turkey. 2(a)American informal: a person that you think is silly or stupid; it. stupido/idiota

4 SUGGESTED TRANSLATION Laltra possibilità é che quelli sul ponte fossero solo una banda di stupidi e incompetenti

5 Last paragraph « Insurers, too, are expected to take a short-term hit.»

6 Macmillan English dictionary 2009 Hit. 2a an occasion when something such as a bomb or bullet lands on something, causing damage ; it una bomba, un colpo, un danno

7 Possible translation Ci si aspetta che anche gli assicuratori subiscano/subiranno un danno a breve scadenza.

8 Paragraph 22 We were asked to go for a safety briefing and it was nothing but a sales pitch for excursions

9 Macmillan English Dictionary Sales pitch. The statements and promises someone makes in an attempt to persuade someone else to buy something It. Imbonimento, reclamizzare un prodotto, fare pubblicità, pubblicità

10 SUGGESTED TRANSLATION «Ci è stato chiesto di partecipare a un incontro sulla sicurezza, ma tutto si è risolto in un discorsetto per reclamizzare le escursioni»

11 PARAGRAPH 25 James Rollo, a leisure- industry analyst at Morgan Stanley

12 SUGGESTED TRANSLATION James Rollo, un analista dellindustria del divertimento/ del tempo libero presso la banca daffari Morgan and Stanley

13 HOW TO ANALYSE A TEXT AND ITS TRANSLATION DOSSIER For each text write a short introduction ( non more than a page) in English which contains: 1.the source and the author (if identifiable), the text type, or genre,(e.g. leaflet, brochure, newspaper article, section of a guidebook, official document ) and its general purpose(s) (e.g. informative, promotional, argumentative, descriptive, narrative), REFER TO THE SET BOOKS OF THE COURSE 2.Some observations on : the register of the text in terms of field (topic e.g. Turin today. Sustainable Tourism), tenor ( e.g. formal, informal, impersonal) and mode (e.g. written, in electronic form) the organization of the text ( e.g. graphic and iconic features, sections, paragraphs, types of sentences) and the ways in which cohesion is achieved ( e.g. connectors, lexical cohesion, reference) Presence of noun phrases, types of verb phrases, role of personal pronouns the vocabulary which is particularly meaningful (e.g. semantic fields, number and quality of adjectives, typical collocations, idioms, metaphors, word play, cultural references) The translation strategies that you have followed and the reasons for your choice (e.g. amplification or reduction, equation or substitution, literal translation or localisation/adaptation to the addressees) the major translation problems that you have encountered and the resources that you have used to sort them out (e.g. dictionaries, encyclopaedias, corpora, websites. BE PRECISE) The part (s) you are more satisfied with and why PS: Number the paragraphs or the lines in longer texts

14 TYPES OF CORPORA -COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE (see the CLIFU list) -AVAILABLE ON THE WEB - Sketchengine, YOU CAN REGISTER FOR A FREE 30-DAY TRIAL PERIOD - - Mark Daviss web site (Brigham Young University, USA) FREE

15 The European multilingual database IATE is the European Commission's multilingual database containing technical and specialised terminology (agriculture, telecommunications, transport, legislation, finance) related to EU policy. Free access

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