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NMC perspectives Anne Trotter Standards Compliance Manager 30 October 2013.

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1 NMC perspectives Anne Trotter Standards Compliance Manager 30 October 2013

2 Our statutory objective “The main objective of the Council in exercising its functions shall be to safeguard the health and well-being of persons using or needing the services of registrants.”

3 Response to the Francis Report Addresses: Care and compassion Candour and transparency Patient safety Appraisals Leadership Complaint handling Inter regulatory cooperation Nurse education and training Student aptitude Practice placement environments

4 Response to Francis We understand the concerns that have led to the many recommendations in the report relating to healthcare support workers We support the recommendations for a code of conduct and the setting of minimum standards for the education and training of healthcare support workers and for the introduction of a uniform description and means of identification where possible.

5 NMC engagement relating to Health care support workers The Cavendish Review into healthcare assistants and support workers. The steering group for pilots led by Health Education England (HEE). We note the issues raised in the Council of Deans Working paper on Healthcare assistant experience for pre-registration nursing students in England and look forward to seeing how these concerns are addressed in the evidence from the pilots

6 The Cavendish Review Issues Identified: Certificate of fundamental care Bridging programmes to pre-reg Blurred roles Delegation Training and joint training Accreditation of prior learning Career progression and fast track degrees Joint regulatory data Mentorship

7 Pre registration nursing programmes Standards for pre registration nursing (2010) Selection, admission, progression and completion Accreditation of prior learning Evaluation of standards

8 Response to the Francis Report (2) The issue of registration or some other form of regulation of healthcare support workers is a matter for the government. Any decision should be taken on the basis of a proper evaluation of the evidence, a full assessment of the benefits for public protection and a detailed understanding of the likely level of resource involved. Any future decision as to which organisation should be responsible for any such regulation will also be a matter for the government at the relevant time. We note that in its initial response document the government did not consider that the case for a registration system had been made. We would expect to be consulted further if that position changed

9 Response to Francis: Review of the Code As part of our planned review of the Code we will review the core content in relation to delegation by nurses and midwives to healthcare assistants and support workers, and consider whether it can be strengthened.

10 The code: Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives Work with others to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of those in your care, their families and carers, and the wider community Delegate effectively You must establish that anyone you delegate to is able to carry out your instructions. You must confirm that the outcome of any delegated task meets required standards. You must make sure that everyone you are responsible for is supervised and supported.

11 Review of the Code – some key emerging themes Putting patients first Compassion, respect and dignity Effective complaints handling and raising concerns Openness, transparency and duty of candour Honesty and integrity Leadership, delegation and mentoring Team-working and communication Professional accountability

12 Give the PSA your views on the NMC Who? Everyone can feed in views – individuals, organisations, stakeholders about their experiences – good or bad – of the NMC since April 2013. Why? PSA uses your comments to help assess our performance. How? Go to the PSA website or visit: When? By 5 December 2013.

13 Thank you

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