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Stanley Kubrick as a Formalist Filmmaker

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1 Stanley Kubrick as a Formalist Filmmaker
Film Formalism Stanley Kubrick as a Formalist Filmmaker

2 Table of Contents 1) Stanley Kubrick 2) 2001: A Space Odyssey
3) Barry Lyndon

3 Stanley Kubrick Kubrick as Auteur (who stamps unmistakable personality and vision on his/her films) Kubrick as formalist

4 Stanley Kubrick At the age of 16 his photos were published in the Look magazine. Employed as a photographer and contributed 600 photos to the magazine. His formative years Nurturing and demonstrating keen visual sense




8 Stanley Kubrick Kubrick’s first film Self-financed short documentary, Day of the Fight (1951) Documentary on prizefighters Look magazine photojournalism = documentary film Capturing mood and atmosphere - the primary aim of his documentary films

9 Stanley Kubrick Three documentary films (1951-2) 13 feature films ( ) Fear and Desire (1953) the first feature - about four soldiers trapped behind the enemy line and their escape is sidetracked by a woman and an enemy general.

10 Stanley Kubrick Killer’s Kiss (1955) - a prizefighter intervenes when a girl is assaulted by her employer/lover. This incident brings the two together and the fighter is threatened to be killed. The Killer (1956) getting out of prison, a man masterminds a race track heist but the scheme is complicated by various people.

11 Paths of Glory (1957) - the bureaucracy of the French army execute three of its soldiers on charges of cowardice. Though the narrative and the theme are simple, Kubrick manages to create powerful images by frequently using telephoto lenses. Spartacus (1960) Stanley Kubrick







18 Stanley Kubrick Kubrick’s self-exile to England Lolita (1962) - the first work of an auteur. Controversial motif and his camera captures the danger and allure of lust. Kubrick discovered in this film Peter Sellers.

19 Stanley Kubrick Highly aesthetic composition Eloquent photography
Powerful acting Creative and masterful editing Thought-provoking themes The deciding factor

20 Stanley Kubrick Dr. Strangelove: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb (1964) - Satire on the Cold War and the nuclear crisis Peter Sellers

21 Stanley Kubrick 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - SF film

22 Stanley Kubrick Clockwork Orange (1971) - Adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ novel; satire on violence (personal and public)

23 Stanley Kubrick Barry Lyndon (1974) - a history film or costume drama

24 Stanley Kubrick Shining (1980) - Horror film

25 Stanley Kubrick Full Metal Jacket (1987) - the training of Vietnam recruits and the corruption of the narrator in the war. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) -

26 2001: A Space Odyssey Made in 1968, a year after Bonnie and Clyde
Took two and a half year and cost $10.5 million.

27 2001: A Space Odyssey Mythic vision of the relationship between man and machine Philosophical contemplation

28 2001: A Space Odyssey Audacious visual design and use of colours
Bold use of music, Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zaratustra

29 2001: A Space Odyssey Very bold Associative cut (graphic match)
Ellipsis of several million years from the prehistoric age to 2001

30 2001: A Space Odyssey Simplified and geometrical set design and composition Juxtaposition of Johan Strauss’ Blue Danube and the floating space station

31 2001: A Space Odyssey Ridley Scott’s The Alien (1974)
Maze of corridors and cluttered lived-in space of the spacecraft, Nostromo

32 2001: A Space Odyssey In Section II a monolith similar to the one which appeared in Section I is found. In Section III a battle between astronauts and the super computer, HAL. State of art composition and editing

33 2001: A Space Odyssey Section IV:
The surviving astronaut’s hallucinatory trip through space and time

34 2001: A Space Odyssey The astronaut arrives as an old man in a white bedroom furnished in Louis XVI style. The final frame - his rebirth as embryonic Star-Child.

35 2001: A Space Odyssey Being enigmatic, mystical and sensuous, what is 2001: A Space Odyssey about? It resists interpretation. The film is ‘… essentially a nonverbal experience … It attempts to communicate more to the subconscious and the feelings than it does to the intellect.’ Stanley Kubrick

36 Barry Lyndon The film almost equal to 2001 in historical importance
Historical drama made in 1975 and based on William Thackeray’s novel in the 19th century

37 Barry Lyndon Expressively lit and photographed
Most sensuous photography Photographed by John Alcott, (Clockwork Orange and Shining)

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