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Junior 5 2014-2015 ENGLISH. MS DANIELA Blog:

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1 Junior 5 2014-2015 ENGLISH


3 Monday - Grammar Tuesday - Comprehension Wednesday – Reading (no H.W. day) Thursday - Writing Friday – Dictation & Spelling/Vocabulary SCHEDULE 5 ENGLISH LESSONS PER WEEK

4 Building and elaborating upon knowledge & new knowledge Oracy across the curriculum & specific lessons Dictation every week – 10 words + 2 “tricky words” + 2 sentences Special dictations (e.g. marking syllables) Dictation on blog Vocabulary and Spelling for Dictation Sheets in display file Homework SOME POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND

5 AREAS TO BE COVERED Nouns Defining and Spotting Nouns Common and Proper Nouns Introduce Abstract Nouns Collective Nouns Singular and Plural (o – oes) Formation of Nouns from Verbs Adjectives Defining and Spotting Adjectives Formation of Adjectives (adding y) Formation of Adjectives from Nouns Adverbs Defining and Spotting Adverbs Formation of Adverbs (adding ly) Adverbs of manner, place and time GRAMMAR

6 VOCABULARY AND SPELLING AREAS TO BE COVERED Syllables Refamiliarsing students with syllables and syllable patterns to help them read and write Synonyms Defining synonyms and using the correct synonym in context Grammatically-linked Vocabulary and Spelling Forming nouns from verbs Adding –s and –es to make plurals, other plurals and plurals of nouns ending in vowels Forming adjectives from nouns Forming adverbs Vocabulary-based Spelling Collective nouns, Interesting adjectives

7 COMPREHENSION AND ORACY AREAS TO BE COVERED Summarising Texts Answering Literal and Inferential Questions Understanding Through Context Appreciating Setting and Effect Listening Comprehension

8 WRITING Criteria for Marking - Ideas - Planning and Structure - Language (syntax, spelling etc.) - Vocabulary and expressions - Editing/Checking Total Mark: 25 Long Writing Task once every two weeks Week 1 – Preparation Week 2 – Long Writing Task H.W. – Importance on working independently


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