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CENTERS AS EASY AS 1, 2,3 Keri Buscher, Title I Reading & Math K-2 Brownstown Elementary School

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1 CENTERS AS EASY AS 1, 2,3 Keri Buscher, Title I Reading & Math K-2 Brownstown Elementary School

2 AH MOMENT! #1: Bulletin Board Borders become note cards!

3 AH MOMENT! #2: Use labels to add letters or words to your game pieces. Avery Labels 60 to a sheet.

4 PLAYDOUGH MATS… Fits the Daily 5 Works on Fine Motor Skills Materials needed: Word, playdough, paper Template is customizable

5 FIND, COLOR, WRITE SIGHT WORDS Students recognize: -color words -Sight words -High Frequency words -practice writing the words -template is customizable /

6 ROLL, SAY, COVER Assessment Day CVC words Sight words Materials: dice bingo chips Template is customizable.

7 LINKING CUBES AREN’T JUST FOR MATH! CVC word families Alphabetical Order Still use them for Math Materials needed: linking cubes or legos, letter stickers

8 GEO BOARDS AREN’T JUST FOR MATH ANYMORE! Found on Pinterest: 262390695171/ -Add Velcro to board so you can reuse for Math lessons. -Numbers -cvc words -sight words Materials: rubber bands, geo boards, construction paper, velcro


10 “THE MONSTER” Materials: Baby wipe container, Gatorade lids, marker 013/02/monsters.html

11 SLAP Materials: 2 fly swatters, poster board and marker, list of words or letters Pinterest: 4966936722078/

12 PAINT DAUBERS! Cost was $1.50 Paint Daubers: set of 4 was $4.97 at Wal-Mart. Could use crayons.

13 TEACHER PAY TEACHERS FREEBIES! Capital vs. Lowercase Sorting-laminate & add to cookie sheet Monster Truck Lowercase and Uppercase Match-laminate Puzzle-Piece-Matchup-1281485

14 TEACHER PAY TEACHERS FREEBIES! Number Match-cookie sheet, magnets Number Matching-cookie sheet, magnets

15 TEACHER PAY TEACHERS FREEBIES! Kindergarten Stars-Sorting Pages-cookie sheet, magnets Matching Color Pictures to Color Words

16 POP! CRASH! HOP! YOU NAME IT! Materials: Popcorn pieces, cars, frogs, etc…, Labels

17 HANDWRITING PRACTICE Materials: Laminate sheets & dry erase markers Dry erase pockets used to get with Scholastic Points. Other places:

18 WHERE’S THE PUMPKIN? SANTA? YOU NAME IT! Materials: hanging file chart, cards, and a picture Students will hide the picture. Other students will try to find the picture by saying the letters, words, numbers, etc…

19 CREATE A CRAFT CENTER ADD PUMPKIN PICTURE!!!!! Materials: e/pumpkin-carving-patterns/ e/pumpkin-carving-patterns/ Construction paper, scissors, glue sticks


21 DRAW AN ANIMAL CENTER Materials: Directed Drawing Books drawing.htm drawing.htm ($6.00) Free: draw draw

22 RED SOLO CUP!....SIGHT WORD PRACTICE. Materials: Plastic Cups, marker, list of words, alphabet, ball -motor-sight-word-game-cup-crash/

23 ZINGO! Scholastic has this game for 700 points. Books Are Fun had it for $12.00

24 LAKESHORE Launch & Learn Alphabet Game Pop and Win Alphabet Pop and Win Letter Sounds

25 MY NEXT CREATIONS…. FOUND ON PINTEREST Connect Four CVC: Matching with Cereal Boxes: Clothes Pins: printable%2F printable%2F

26 Write the Room websites: Follow me on Pinterest: “Keri Kistler-Buscher” Where I Pin a lot more than I actually create! Email: Wikispace:

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