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Thing 4 - Creating a Netvibes page Mina Shaibatzadeh Health Services Library 28 January 2013.

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1 Thing 4 - Creating a Netvibes page Mina Shaibatzadeh Health Services Library 28 January 2013

2 Netvibes A personalized dashboard to keep everything that matters to you, all in one page. 2

3 Dashboard Dashboard is the name of a standard page in Netvibes. 3

4 Setting up your dashboard Step 1 - To setup your Dashboard, you need to create an account. This means everything will be saved, and be ready to use wherever your are. 4

5 To register, you will need:  A username  A valid e-mail address. This email will be used to confirm your registration, reset your password (in case you forget it) and to log in to Netvibes.  A password. Enter it twice (once in each box as asked) to avoid making mistakes while typing.  Tick the box to agree to the terms of service. 5

6  Step 2 - Once registered, simply sign in to use Netvibes. Netvibes.  Step 3 - The Dashboard Wizard 6

7 The Dashboard Wizard  It allows you to create a populated Dashboard based on the theme and language of your choice.  There are currently five languages available (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese).  After asking you to pick an icon for your new Dashboard, the wizard will then guide you step by step through its main features. 7

8 Main features of the wizard:  Find more content and import RSS feeds  Move, edit or delete an App  Add tabs, edit their layout, delete or organize them  Manage your Dashboards or create a new one  Switch between App View and Reader View  Save your Dashboard by signing up 8

9 Let’s start creating a Netvibes page  You'll start with a basic Dashboard, waiting to be customized to your needs.  Add an App to your Dashboard. Examples of Apps Twitter Facebook Link module for creating link to websites that there is no available App BBC News 9

10 Manage your account 10 Manage your account by clicking in here Visit settings here to choose your page’s theme

11 Choose a theme 11 You will find all the tools to customize the look of your Dashboard in the gallery section of the settings.

12 To add an App Click on the green button labelled “Add Content” at the top left of the Dashboard. This will open a panel in which you can browse and add whichever ones you want to use. 12 Add content Apps

13 Choosing Apps from Essential Widgets 13

14 You can check the description of an App by hovering over it with your mouse. 14

15 Adding a website (e.g. Doodle) to your page  Click on “link module” app from Essential widgets  Add it to your page 15 Link module App 2.Click here 1. Add the Doodle URL Essential widgets

16 16 Your doodle App Editing your App here e.g. Choosing a title

17 Add a feed to your page 17

18 e.g. Adding UoS news feed to your page 18 Click here Copy the URL

19 19 1. Paste the URL here and click to add feed 2. Shows RSS feed for Library news

20 Your UoS news feed on your page 20

21 All you need in your Netvibes page 21 Email BBC News RSS Feed Twitter Facebook Weather My Doodle UoS news RSS feed

22 To discover more about Netvibes…  Use Play video Use Play video  Or click on the following link… 22 Video link in here too

23 It’s time to blog! Blog your experiences about “Thing 4 – Creating your Netvibes page”. Thank you Mina 23

24 24

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