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UES BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT ASI Informational Session Monday, September 30th 6:30pm.

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1 UES BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT ASI Informational Session Monday, September 30th 6:30pm

2 ASI Teachers Reading Specialist Math Specialist Mrs. Coyle Ms. Gibbons Ms. MacDonald Mrs. Sokol Mrs. Magielnicki Mrs. Scarpa

3 Admission to ASI Program  Admission is based on below proficiency scores.  Less than 200 on the Language Arts portion of last year’s NJ ASK assessment.  Less than 200 on the Math portion of last year’s NJ ASK assessment.

4 Format of ASI Program  The format used is a push in/ pull out support model.  A reading or math specialist will work in conjunction with your child’s class room teacher to provide supplemental instruction.  This way your child will not miss any work while being serviced and areas of weakness can be addressed early on.

5 Teacher Contact  Additionally, you will receive updates on progress made as well as some suggestions that may help to integrate the skills acquired into daily activities.  Academic Support Instruction (ASI) teachers will provide quarterly progress reports for the parents of students in ASI classes in Targeted Assistance Areas of instruction.  Parent conferences will be scheduled twice each year with both afternoon and evening sessions.

6 Let’s Work Together  Parents can help their children achieve course proficiencies.  Parents will be invited and encouraged to participate in a ASI Family Math and Reading Night, which you can attend with your children.  Additional resources can be found on our ASI webpage.

7 Use the 5 Finger Rule to determine if a book is "just right"

8 1. Open a book to any page. 2. Start reading the page. 3. Hold up one finger for EVERY word that you don't know or have trouble pronouncing. 0-1 Fingers The book is too EASY. 2-3 Fingers The book is at the Independent level. 4 Fingers The book is at the Challenge level. You can try it ~ be sure it makes sense. 5 Fingers The book is at the Frustration level and is not a good choice for now.

9 8 Non-Book Ways to Get Your Child Reading Inspire your child with these creative approaches:

10 1. Play board games. Scrabble or Boggle are specifically good for building vocabulary and spelling. 2. Learn “how to.” Is there something your child would really like to do, such as perform magic tricks or add sequins to her jeans? Encourage her to find out how by reading about it. 3. Get cooking. Invite your child to help you bake a cake or a special meal together. If necessary, simplify and rewrite a recipe's instructions so he can read it to you. 4. Make cards. Have your child make her own cards for holidays, birthdays, party invitations, and thank-you notes. Help her write a personal message to each recipient

11 5. Take a road trip. Write down travel directions and have your child serve as navigator when you drive. Give your co-pilot a map before you go, and ask her to mark the route according to the directions. 6. Put on a play. You can perform the play for a special celebration or family party. Help your child find an appealing script or create one together based on a favorite movie. Remind your child that he must memorize his lines by reading them over and over. 7. Write messages for your child. Even if you spend hours together in the same room, there are many reasons to write to your child. Drop a letter in her school bag or email her a joke she can forward to her friends. Post a list of chores on the refrigerator, and write family news or appointments on a wall calendar. 8. Host a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items that your child and his friends need to find inside your house or around the neighborhood. Provide written clues that lead to the treasures. (Information obtained from Scholastic.)

12  New Grade 4 & 5 Math Series  Organizes content using exactly the same structure as the State Standards for Mathematical Content  Features provide topic-specific guide for supplemental instruction  Home-School Connection Letter for each Topic  Textbook and workbook available online

13  Practice basic facts  When doing homework, remind your child to look back at class notes and examples. Have your child to do their homework exactly as they completed their problems in class.  MAKE MATH FUN! Play math games with your child, let your child help with following a recipe, and take your child shopping to help estimate the total.  Free math websites and apps are available

14 Title 1 ASI Webpage Announcements Writing, Reading, and Math Websites Additional information to be added throughout the year. Go to the Samsel Upper Elementary School Website. Click on Staff Webpages. Click on 4th and 5th Grade ASI.

15 Any Questions?

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