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Page 1 Zonta District 11 Area Meeting Module Fundraising.

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1 Page 1 Zonta District 11 Area Meeting Module Fundraising

2 Page 2 Technical Issues – Legal Considerations  Recipients  Must be 501C3 organizations  Donations Recommend establishing foundation, then all donations are tax-deductible Businesses may claim donations as an advertising expense Otherwise individual (benefactor) donations are not tax deductible

3 Page 3 Possible Sources of Revenue Personal asks generate a majority of $$ – Don’t be afraid, be proud – Detail how money will be used Types of revenue 1.Event revenue, IE ticket sales 2.Program books with sponsorships/benefactors 1.Business ads, personal ads and benefactor listings 3.Raffle sales

4 Page 4 Sanibel-Captiva PEEK AT THE UNIQUE Revenue $82,600 -$12,000 in Expenses = $72,600 net 1.Ticket Sales $28,800 or 35% 2.Sponsors $32,000 or 39% 3.Chance at the Unique raffle $12,000 or 15% 4.Benefactors $9,800 or 12% HOW? 1.Event appeals to community and sells out every year, primarily by a mailing to past attendees 2.Goal of $1,000 minimum revenue per Zontian = $74,000 1.One house sponsorship or ‘premiere ad’ $2,000 each 2.Two full page Color ads ($900 each) Plus 10 raffle tickets ($10 each) 3.4 B&W ($500 each) 4.Ten B&W business card sponsors ($100 each) 3.Sponsorship team secures 4 house sponsors + premiere ads at $2,000 each =10,000

5 Page 5 PEEK Ticket Letter The Zonta Club of Sanibel-Captiva Announces the 10th Annual Peek at the Unique Tour of Island Homes Saturday March 12, 2011 This year we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Peek and promise another 4 exciting homes for you to visit. Departing from the SANIBEL COMMUNITY CHURCH, 1740 Periwinkle Way, the tour begins each half hour starting at 9:00am and ending at 3:30pm with each tour taking around 3 hours. We will have refreshments at the church and you will have an opportunity to purchase tickets for the Chance at the Unique. Early-bird reservations are available by mail only. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on January 28th. Order Early to Get your Time Slot. All requests are honored by postmark. Sorry, NO REFUNDS. Complete the form below and return it with your check or credit card information to:

6 Page 6 PEEK Sponsorship Agreement The Zonta Club of Sanibel-Captiva, Presents the 10th Annual Tour of four unique island homes, Saturday - March 12, 2011  House Sponsor $2000 Your business featured in pre-event Peek advertising, newspapers, a prominent sign in front of “your” house on the tour, and a full page color ad in the Peek program opposite the description of “your” house.  Premier ad Sponsor -$2,000 Full page colored ad displayed on outside or $1250 inside of back cover of the Peek program  Program Sponsor –Your business ad or card to be printed in the Peek program. Full Page 6 ¾ tall x 4 ¼ wide ___ color ($ 900) ___ b & w ($ 500) Half page 3 1/8 tall x 4 ¼ wide ___ color ($ 450) ___ b & w ($ 250) Third business card ___ color ($ 250) ___ b & w ($ 100) ______ As a program sponsor, for an additional $50 you can include a coupon  Peek Perk Coupon $100 700 of your business discount coupons (up to 5” x 8”) will be placed in a special Peek Perks envelope to be given to all attendees. For an additional charge we can create and/or print your coupons. ______ As a coupon sponsor, for an additional $50 you can include a coupon during the district 11 Conference September 24, 2011 – 200 attendees staying on the island from Florida, Georgia, Carolinas and BVI.  Individual Benefactor Will be acknowledged in the Peek program. $2000 and above _____ $1999 - $500 ______ $ 499 - $100 ________ $99 - $25 __________  Other Donation ______________________________________ Deadline for all program graphics February 7. Graphics can be e-mailed to Coupons due March 7 th or coupon graphics due March 1 st -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name of Sponsor _______________________________________ Phone: _____________________ Sponsor’s address _______________________________________Email_______________________ Contact Person ________________________________________ Email: ____________________ Zonta Contact _____________________ Zonta Contact Phone _______________________  Check received  Graphics received  Coupon received Checks Payable to: Zonta Foundation of SW Florida (501c3) Zonta ’ s Peek at the Unique, P.O. Box 1244, Sanibel, FL 33957 or

7 Page 7 PEEK Budget Income and Expense lines are detailed based on prior years actual results and anticipated changes

8 Page 8 PEEK Time Line

9 Page 9 PEEK Program Excerpts Cover and Back Cover – a Premier Page

10 Page 10 PEEK Benefactors and Project Pages

11 Page 11 PEEK Presidents and Projects Pages Presidents pay $100 to be included

12 Page 12 PEEK Memorial Tribue and Project Page Members contributed to Tribute

13 Page 13 PEEK B&W Business Cards and Pet Page Members pay per picture or line, Grandkids too!

14 Page 14 CHANCE AT THE UNIQUE Concurrent with PEEK All members asked to sell (or buy) a book of 10 tickets. Sales also conducted at Farmers Market and outside local Supermarkets

15 Page 15 Naples Fashion Show Revenue 1.Tickets 48% 2.Silent Auction 25% 3.Purse Raffle 11% 4.Sponsors 16% Triathalon Miracles in Action jewelry sales

16 Page 16 Naples Fashion Show Sponsor Letter

17 Page 17 Naples Fashion Show Sponsor Letter 2

18 Page 18 Bonita Springs Glass Slipper Ball Revenue 1.Tickets 2.Live Auction 3.Silent Auction 4.Sponsors 5.Chefs? Developed in cooperation with Zonta Club of Pittsburgh North (Three Rivers), now on their 8 th annual

19 Page 19 Fundraiser Ideas – Developing a Signature Event – What fits in your community What need can be met What is of interest Time of year: within your community, within Zonta business, avoid conference and convention times Venue – How much volunteer time is required vs. available – On mission

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