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Edita Petříčková.

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1 Edita Petříčková

2 I have got long brown hair.
I have got brown eyes. I am eleven. My favourite colour is pink, yellow, green. I like wearing T-shirts and jeans. I like animals very much.

3 My hobbies I like reading books. I like walking in the country.
I like riding a bike. I like painting the pictures.

4 My animals My dog Bára. My geese Jonik and Edik. My hamster Sisi.

5 My father His name is Rudolf.
He is tall. He has got grey eyes, short black hair, short black beard. His favourite colour is green. He is 39 years old. He works in agriculture. His hobby is hunting, he is gamekeeper.

6 My mother Her name is Tereza.
She is middle tall. She has got green eyes, long brown hair. Her favourite colour is green and purple. She is 36 years old. She works as social worker. Her hobby is gardening.

7 My brother His name is Jonáš. He has got brown eyes, short brown hair.
His favourite colour is green and blue. He is 8 years old. Her hobby is floorball and he play the accordion.

8 My house

9 My bedroom There is bed, table and two chairs. There are two cupboards. Next to bed is nighttable.There is the mirror. There is heater. I have got comfortable armchair. There are toys.

10 My garden

11 Bye bye

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