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Me ,Me ,Me By Roxxi Johnson.

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1 Me ,Me ,Me By Roxxi Johnson

2 About Me My name is Roxxi I am 11 My favourite food is chocolate
I support liverpool My favourite animal is a panda

3 Hobbies I like to play netball I like watching scary movies
I like going clothes shopping

4 Aims i aim to be a marine biologist because my role model is in uni training to be one so I do too. My celebrity role model is Eva Longoria I think she is ace.

5 Family My mum is called Nina she is 34.
My dad is 36 and he is called Phil My annoying little sister is called Georgia she is 8.

6 Favourite Things My favourite singer is leona lewis
My favourite singer is leona lewis My favourite band is Plain White Ts My favourite song is bleeding love My favourite designer is roxy My favourite colour is pink` My favourite cartoon character is Betty Boop

7 My power point is finished
Directed by Roxxi Written by Roxxi Presented by Roxxi


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