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LIS Abroad: Tips from a Global Librarian

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1 LIS Abroad: Tips from a Global Librarian
Heidi Dowding

2 Who I am Digital and Reference Services Librarian working in a university library in Astana, Kazakhstan Recent professional librarian Three years of experience working abroad Traveled in twenty countries, lived in three

3 Major Takeaways for Today
After this webinar, you will be able to: Find regularly updated job listings for LIS international work Optimize your resume for international work Know what information you need to make a relatively informed decision

4 Finding International Opportunities
The best all-around sites: IFLA LIBJOBS listserv( LIS school websites and listservs: University of Michigan’s International Center Job List for Information Professionals Florida State University’s LIS Jobs Libguide, International Job Sites page University of Texas’ iSchool International LIS Jobs Sites page Finding International Opportunities

5 Getting the Interview Include *any* significant experience abroad
Emphasize experience with languages (even if it’s not used in the area) Create a strong web presence

6 Web Presence Suggestions
Create your own website to showcase your tech skills Get into the conversations on Tumblr and Twitter Use Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with potential employers Consider joining regional social media

7 The Interview You did it! Now what?
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8 Things to Consider: Travel
Are they paying for the flights there and back? How much and how often?

9 Things to Consider: Relocation
Is there a relocation settlement? Security deposit Moving (either by freight or on the airplane) Costs to tie up loose ends at home Immunizations Family costs (non-working spouse, children) Costs for pets

10 Things to Consider: The Work Visa
How long will a work visa take to obtain? How much will it cost and will it be reimbursed? Will the employer pay for lost travel money if the work visa is delayed?

11 Things to Consider: In-Country Assistance
What sort of assistance will the employer provide once you’re in the country? Airport pickup General orientation (city and within the organization) Going to the doctor Opening a bank account / Dealing with the organization’s accounting department Getting an apartment Getting a phone

12 Things to Consider: Job Description
Get a written breakdown of your job duties if you can Hours required, working days Be aware that things might change once you arrive

13 Making the Decision My equation for deciding: Location + Actual Job + Professional Opportunities + Money + Benefits = Yes or No

14 Making the Decision: Location
Language Food Cost of travel outside of the area

15 Making the Decision: Actual Job
Does the description of your day-to-day duties sound like what you want to be doing? Does the work environment sound like a place where you’ll fit in? Do you know what the office environment will be? Shared or solo?

16 Making the Decision: Professional Opportunities
Will your employer pay for any professional conferences? Will the job offer networking opportunities (either in the organization, or in the local area)? Will it offer unique research and publishing opportunities?

17 Making the Decision: Money
Will the pay vs. cost of living allow you to save money? Will you be able to pay outside bills (e.g., student loans)?

18 Making the Decision: Benefits
How many vacation days are offered? What is the healthcare system like in the country? Are housing and living expenses covered? Is there the possibility for financial bonuses?

19 Working Abroad Benefits Challenges
Unique professional experience for the resume Experience working with diverse communities Chance to have a big impact Language immersion/experience Cultural differences/ work atmosphere Networking Conferences Getting to the next interview

20 (Like “What is that animal, and why is it riding a bicycle?”)
Any questions? (Like “What is that animal, and why is it riding a bicycle?”) Photo Source:

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