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Rene Magritte & Surrealism

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1 Rene Magritte & Surrealism

2 Rene Magritte (1898-1967) Sought to question our perception of reality
A painter associated with the Surrealists; first painted in Impressionist style Surrealism was an art movement ( ) in which artists attempted to give visual representation to dreams, fantasies, and the unconscious mind. Surrealism emphasized real objects in unreal situations, surprise, contradiction, distortion of scale/perspective, and shock.

3 Rene Magritte ( ) The False Mirror, 1928.

4 Rene Magritte ( ) The Lovers, Oil on canvas.

5 Rene Magritte ( ) The Voice of Space, 1928.

6 Rene Magritte ( ) The Human Condition, 1933.

7 Rene Magritte ( ) Portrait, 1935.

8 Rene Magritte ( ) The Key to the Fields, 1936.

9 Rene Magritte ( ) The Philosopher’s Lamp, 1936.

10 Rene Magritte ( ) The Pleasure Principle (Portrait of Edward James), Oil on canvas.

11 Rene Magritte ( ) Time Transfixed, Oil on canvas.

12 Rene Magritte ( ) The Victory, Oil on canvas.

13 Rene Magritte ( ) The Wasted Footsteps, Oil on canvas.

14 Rene Magritte ( ) Plain of Air, Oil on canvas.

15 Rene Magritte ( ) The Listening Room, Oil on canvas.

16 Rene Magritte ( ) Personal Values, Oil on canvas.

17 Rene Magritte ( ) Golconda, Oil on canvas.

18 Rene Magritte ( ) The Seducer, Oil on canvas.

19 Rene Magritte (1898-1967) The Castle of the Pyrenees, 1959.
Oil on canvas.

20 Rene Magritte (1898-1967) The Sixteenth of September, 1956.
Oil on canvas.

21 Rene Magritte ( ) Empire of Light, Oil on canvas.

22 The Magritte Museum in Brussels

23 Surrealism Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931.

24 Surrealism Salvador Dali, The First Days of Spring, 1929.

25 Surrealism Face of Mae West Which May Be Used as an Apartment, c.1935.

26 Surrealism The Sublime Moment, 1938.

27 Surrealism Salvador Dali, The Eye, 1945.

28 Surrealism Portrait of Katharina Cornell, 1951.

29 Surrealism The Three Sphinxes of Bikini, 1947.

30 A Surrealist Room/Landscape

31 A Surrealist Room/Landscape

32 A Surrealist Room/Landscape

33 A Surrealist Room/Landscape

34 A Surrealist Room/Landscape

35 A Surrealist Room/Landscape
You will need to carefully plan your work. You will create a large composition either in marker, colored pencil or paint. Will you have a theme or statement for your work (i.e. alienation, loneliness, advertising, religion etc.)? Decide if you will use one-point or two-point perspective. Will it be a room or landscape? Interior or exterior? Brainstorm some ideas for your work. It is normal to often create several sketches to try out your ideas.Use your sketchbook to visualize how you might want your project to look when you have completed it.

36 A Surrealist Room/Landscape
Will your paper be placed portrait or landscape? Where will your horizon line be placed (low, eye-level or high)? What items will be in the room? What structures will be in your landscape? Where will they be placed? Will you change their sizes? Will you incorporate symbolism?

37 Surrealist Room/Landscape Criteria
Craftsmanship. Erase stray orthogonals (perspective lines) and fill in areas of color completely and neatly. Effort. Put some thought into it! Did you use one- or two-point linear perspective correctly? Ask for help if you are having difficulty. Creativity. Come up with your own ideas! Try different compositions before deciding on a final one.

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