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Literacy and Music Education Online Sources Introduction.

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1 Literacy and Music Education Online Sources Introduction

2 Literacy Skills in Music Class: Tool for Perservice Teacher Growth Link: http://www- %20in%20Music%20Class.Feret%20and%20Smith.pd fhttp://www- %20in%20Music%20Class.Feret%20and%20Smith.pd f In the essay, authors explain the importance of literacy skills for music education and provide some literacy skills for teachers in music class that are very useful in our music teaching.

3 Music Education Improves Literacy of Second-Graders Link: education-improves-literacy-of-second-graders-3877 This website shows an interesting point that music education can improve literacy of second-graders. It introduces a study in the journal "Psychology of Music" that tests the literacy ability from schools with music education and schools where there is no music education.

4 Integrating Music and Literacy Link: music-and-literacy/ This website introduces some methods for music educators to integrate music and literacy in class. It makes a direct connection between literacy and music education, and the ways that suggested on the website sound efficient and inspiring for music educators.

5 Learning Literacy through Music Link: literacy-through-music/ This journal talks about values of music in terms of literacy education. The author not only analyzes the components of literacy learning but also gives some suggestions for connecting music teaching and literacy teaching.

6 Music Education Can Help Children Improve Reading Skills Link: 6075843.htm This is the ScienceDaily website. The article in the link above, discusses the importance and benefit of music education for children in term of their reading skills development. It introduces some articles and experiments that focuses on the influence of music education on children's reading skills.

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