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1 Training website:

2 Podcast Types What is a Podcast? Types: – Audio – Enhanced – Video

3 Equipment & Software Speakers and microphone PC – SourceForge Audacity SourceForge Audacity Lame MP3 Encoder – Windows MovieMaker Mac – GarageBand – iMovie

4 Podcasting Ideas Class radio show Audio essays Language fluency (example 1, 2)12 Learning disabled students Student-created stories Commercials or persuasive message Debates Role-play How-to

5 Examples Marginally Speaking Turtles Jill Eagen’s Library Podcasts Dan’s Math Cast Science Center Podcasts Spanish Podcast Founding Documents Podcast

6 Scripting ELA Skills – Grammar – Punctuation – Language – Duration – Quality Principles – Precise, Concise Language – One Listener – Show, don’t tell (imagination) Information & Media Literacy Skills

7 Media Literacy & Copyright Copyright – Cite sources – Creative Commons – The Copyright Site The Copyright Site – Quiz (scavenger hunt) Media Literacy – Media Literacy Questions (Project LookSharp) Media Literacy Questions – Media Production (Project LookSharp) Media Production

8 Publishing Your Podcast iTunes ToolboxPro Wikis

9 Goals Create your own audio podcast – Use Audacity – Find Resources Determine ways to use podcasting in your classroom

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