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By: Paige Baccanari and Hannah Kelly 2 nd Hour Booth/Cummins.

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1 By: Paige Baccanari and Hannah Kelly 2 nd Hour Booth/Cummins


3 In this story, “Divergent”, the setting takes place in a few different places. Abnegation is one place to start off with. This is where the main character Tris and her family live. The roads are cracked and have yellow faded lines.

4 The next setting is at the school. The school is made up of glass and steel and has three floors in the school. As is the cafeteria, but the cafeteria has long tables in the center of the room. From the cafeteria they enter into the Aptitude Testing Area. This room has walls of glass and a ceiling that is glowing white light. In the center of the room is a tilted dentist chair with a machine next to it. They test you by inserting a problem into your mind. How you solve the problem will determine which faction they assign you to. SchoolCafeteria

5 The Hub is the next setting. This is where the “Choosing Ceremony” takes place. The Hub is the tallest building in Abnegation, which was once called the Sears Tower. The Choosing Ceremony takes place on the 20th floor in the Hub. It’s set up as a concentric circle. There are five bowls, each one representing a faction. Once your name gets called, you go up to the bowls, slit your palm open with a knife, and drop blood into one of the bowls. Abnegation is for the selfless people, and in their bowl they have gray stones. Amity is for peaceful people, and in their bowl is earth. Candor is for the honest people, and in their bowl they have glass. Dauntless is for brave people. Their bowl holds lit coal. And lastly, Erudite is for intelligent people, and in their bowl is water. At the conclusion of the Choosing Ceremony, they go to the train which will take them to their assigned faction. The trains are always moving around the city. Sears tower

6 When they arrive at their faction they go into a Training Room. The Training Room is a huge room with wood floors and a chalk board on the side for fighting partners. There are three worn out punching bags in the training room. In the center of the room is the arena where all the fighting takes place. When they are doing knife practice they have a table full of different kinds of knives. They practice throwing the knives at a large target in the center of the room. Training room

7 Navy Pier is the next setting. This is where they play capture the flag. Navy pier has a bridge to walk over the muddy ground below. The ground is covered with glass and crumbly concrete. There is also a white Ferris wheel with old red seats, and a carousel of horses, some with scratched up eyes, others without eyes or tails. Tris and Four climb the Ferris wheel together. Four and his team decided to hide their flag at the Carousel. Eric’s team decided to hide their flag at the park in Navy Pier. After three years, Four’s team won the game. Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

8 After coming back from Navy Pier they arrive at Dauntless. The next setting is the “Initiates Dormitory for Transfers”. This room is filled with bunk beds with drawers on the bottom of the bunks. On one of the walls is a chalkboard where they keep their ranking, and on another wall is a small mirror. Down the hall is the girl’s bathroom which is filled with mirrors and showers. Tris’s mom, Natalie, visits Tris on “Visiting Day” and takes Tris into the hallway near the Dining Room. The Dining Room is where the Initiates eat. Tris’s mom warns her to beware of her ranking. She advises her to stay in the middle of the pack. Initiates Dormitory

9 The next setting takes place at the Hancock Building. This is where Uriah (born-initiate) takes Tris to go zip lining. The Hancock Building is the tallest building in Dauntless. It is a hundred stories tall and one thousand feet high. The hundredth floor has a gaping hole in the ceiling. Attached to one of the poles in the building is a thick steel cable that has a pulley which hangs from it. Uriah, Tris and the other Initiates use the pulley to go zip lining, back to the ground. Hancock Building

10 The next setting is in the Simulation Room. This is where Four takes Tris to help her overcome her fear. The Simulation Room is a small room, poorly lit with solid walls. There is a slanted chair in the room and a computer in the center of the room. This room reminded Tris of when she took the Aptitude Test. She was hesitant before going in. The Chasm and The Pit are next. The Chasm is to the right of The Pit. There is a river several stories below the Chasm. The railing around The Chasm gets slippery from the river’s water spraying up, and it has very little lighting. Next is the Pit. The Pit is a large underground cave with supplies, clothing, food, and activities. The roof is made of glass. There are narrow paths made with carved rocks and no railings. The Chasm

11 After the Chasm and the Pit comes the Tattoo Parlor. The Tattoo Parlor is separated into two rooms, The Tattoo Parlor and the Tattoo Parlor Room. The Tattoo Parlor has a book full of tattoos and artwork of tattoos on the walls. The Tattoo Parlor Room has a curtain that surrounds the room with a few chairs on one side of the curtain. There are spare tattoo needles, ink pads and paper scattered around the room. The Net is the next setting. The Net is where Tris comes to think and to be alone. The Net is stretched across a big hole. When you are lying in the middle of the Net, you can gaze at empty buildings or far away to the stars. A Wooden floor and stairs are there when you come off the Net. Tattoo parlor

12 After the Net, is the glass building above the Pit. The glass building is right above the Chasm and the Pit. It’s made entirely of glass, there is a rope used for tight walking. This room leads straight to the Fear Landscape. The Fear Landscape is located just beyond the Glass building. The Fear landscape has graffiti walls and exposed pipes. The word “Dauntless” is sprayed onto one of the concrete walls. There are large screens for the Dauntless members to watch the initiates go through their fears. And off to another side is for the Dauntless leaders to watch and monitor the Fear Landscape. The Net Fear Landscape

13 The Bottom of the Chasm is the next setting. This is where Tris and Four spend time together. A narrow path from the Pit leads to this setting. The path is difficult to see because the rocks around it blend in with the path. The rocks around it form an unstable ground, coming up at rough angles, with water from the river rushing up. The roar from the Chasm makes it a private place. The Chasm

14 The Erudite Sector is located less than a mile south from Navy Pier. The Erudite people live in a large stone building over looking the marsh. The main building is the library. On the way to the library is the Millennium. It is located across the Library and it used to be a park. Now it’s just a place with metal structures. The Library it smells like dust covered books, bookcases lining the walls. There are computers on tables in the center if the library. There is a large portrait of Jeanine on one of the walls. In the library there is a room off to the side. That room is Jeanine’s office. The walls are made of glass, a desk and behind it are windows that office overlooks the city. < Erudite Library Erudite Sector >


16 Physical Tris narrow face with blue eyes that are round and wide. She has thin noses that is vary long. When Tris looks into the mirror she sees herself as ugly, with little girl eyes and an ugly nose. She has long blonde hair that goes with her long neck. She hates her hands they are knobby. Once she had move to Dauntless her fat pack became a six pack. She also has a tattoo of the Dauntless seal and the Abnegation tattoo on both shoulders and three ravens on her collarbone representing the family she left in back home. Lets start out with Beatrice who chose Dauntless and changed her name to Tris to get a brand new start in her new life. She thought that she did not belong in Abnegation because she was not selfless and that was the kind of people in Abnegation. She figured out that it was the best to chose a different faction. Her dad looked mad when she chose Dauntless. But her mom in the other hand looked very happy and proud of her. Once she chose Dauntless she had actually made some friends Al, Christina, and Will. And then later in the book she fell in love with Four. She is a very determined person. She would do anything to keep the people she loves safe and out of danger. Both her parents die saving her. Characteristics Tris is the main character. She is an antagonist because she works against the bad people like Jeanine and Eric. She would also be a dynamic character because she changes her fighting skills. C- Beatrice/ Tris Prior

17 Physical Four has lost some of his upper lip but has a full lower lip. His eyes that are dark blue are very deep-set that his eye lashes touch his eyebrow. His voice is very deep and it rumbles but at times it can also be smooth. He seems to smirk but does not smile. He has tattoos just like every other person in Dauntless. His hands are HUGE just like Wills. When he glares at you it seems like he has thoughtful eyes. His hair is super dark but not yet black. Four is a born in Abnegations and then moved to Dauntless because his dad was cruel to him. He is now a Dauntless leader along with his friend Eric. He is very serious with his training and fighting. He doesn't like when others mess around. He later on in the book falls in love with Tris. He gets jealous when other people are talking to Tris or touching her. He then tells her that he loves her on the train to the Amity Sector. Characteristics Four would be a major character because he is mentioned in the book a lot. He would be a protagonist in this book because he fights against the bad people with Tris. And lastly he would be a static character because he doesn't change in the book. C- Tobias/ Four

18 Physical Christina is tall with dark brown skin. She has black hair the length of her chin. She has beautiful brown eyes and is very pretty and she’s super skinny. She has straight teeth on the top and crocked teeth on the bottom. She's strong and super fast, during her time in Dauntless she got a tattoo of the Dauntless seal. Which is a circle with flames in it. Christina was born in Candor and then chose to go into Dauntless. She said the reason she left Candor was because she doesn't want to share, she wants to be in control of her own mind. She helps Tris onto the train for the first time. After stopping her first fight, Eric makes her hang over the Chasm for the 5 minutes she had left of the fight. After the final rankings, she decides that she wants a job like Four’s. She likes to say no to everyone, even the leader of Dauntless. She has severe thoughts on other people, but when she hears someone talking about her, she will do something about it. And lastly when she knows she is going to fail at something, she will just give up. Characteristics Christina is a minor character because she isn't mentioned in the book a lot. She would be a protagonist and a static character in this book because she isn't an enemy and she changes a little in this book. C- Christina

19 Physical Will has blond shaggy hair with crease between his eyes. He has very pale skin, he also has an gentle smile when he smiles at people around him.. He has green eyes that are the beautiful color of celery and with a quick look of evil. He has HUGE hands just like Four’s are. His hands are bigger than Tris’s shoulder blade. His teeth are sparkling white and perfectly straight. Will was born in Erudite. And at the choosing ceremony he chose to go to Dauntless. He memorized a map for fun. He has a sister Cara. He shares a lot of pointless touches with Christina. He kisses Christina. And they start dating. He pinches his lips together when he lies. Tris shoots him during the war Characteristics Will is a minor character in this book because he isn't mentioned a lot in this book either. He would also be considered a protagonist and a static character in this book because he keeps Tris safe and he has little change in his fighting skills. C- Will

20 Physical He is the largest and most muscular out of all initiates. He is big, warm, and clumsy. He has big eyes and a big nose. He has a tattoo of a spider, to make him feel like he belongs more. He is half a foot taller than Will. He has dark brown eyes. He looks older than he should be, but this is because he has a rough cheek, showing that he shaves. Al was born into Candor and moved into Dauntless. Al is very kind and is not really into hurting someone and their feelings. He is really nice and loves to help as much as he can. He misses his old faction and his parents. He worries that he will not make the exceptions of Dauntless and become factionless. He cries and screams himself to sleep almost every night. Characteristics Al would be a minor, antagonist, and dynamic character. He isn't in the book as much as the other characters. He would be an antagonist because he threatened Tris once. And lastly he would be a static character because he never changed in the book. C- Al

21 Physical Peter is tall with dark hair that shines even in the dark. He has dark, wide, green eyes. His nose is very long and the bridge of his nose is very narrow. His eyebrows go up generally. And lastly he has a wide smile. With white teeth just like Will’s. Peter was always starting fights at his old faction. He likes to lie to other people and get them in trouble. He always starts trouble to get other people angry at him. At his old faction he was not allowed to lie. But now at Dauntless he is always lying, and getting Tris in trouble. He always breaks the rules. Characteristics Will would be a minor character. This is because he isn't in the book a lot. He would be a antagonist because he threatened Tris to and is always mean to her. And lastly he would be a static character because he doesn't change at all. C- Peter

22 Physical He has many piercings, long greasy black hair. When he smiles, his piercings come back, revealing how big the hole are. His knuckles are scammed over, like he punched a brick over and over again. He has a evil smile, and cold hands. He is very quiet but very scary. Eric was born into Erudite and moved to Dauntless. He is one of the Dauntless head leaders. He is the youngest leader. He is very tough and does not like it when people give up easily. He doesn't have a very loud voice. He has a evil laugh, and when it goes on for to long it gets too loud. He likes to watch people from a distance. Characteristics Eric would be a minor, antagonist, and a static character. He would be a minor character because he isn't mentioned a lot. He would be an antagonist because he wants to start a war. And lastly he would be a static character because he doesn't change in the book. C- Eric


24 Simile- “Eric smiles, and in the blue light, his smile looks wicked, like it was cut into his face with a knife.” page 71 Metaphor-” The building was the size of a finger nail.” page 374

25 "The building that was once called the Sears Tower-we call it the Hub-emerges from the fog, a black pillar in the skyline“ page 3 "Tori was the only one in the tattoo place, so I felt safe getting the symbol of Abnegation-a pair of hands, palms up as if to help someone stand, bounded by a circle- on my right shoulder. I know it was a risk, especially after all that's happened. But that symbol is a part of my identity, and it felt important to me that I wear it on my skin“ page 316 " ' Pit' is the best word for it. It is an underground cavern so huge I can't see the other end of it from where I stand, at the bottom. Uneven rock walls rise several stories above my head. Built into the stone walls are places for food, clothing, supplies, leisure activities. Narrow paths and steps carved from rock connect them. There are no barriers to keep people from falling over the side“ page 63 " 'The mass exodus of the children of Abnegation leaders cannot be ignored or attributed to coincidence' he reads. 'The recent transfer of Beatrice and Caleb Prior, the children of Andrew prior, calls into question the soundness of Abnegation's values and teachings.' “page 242

26 Foreshadowing-” But I do know how Erudite is going to get us to fight.” page 415 Alliteration- “Hannah’s home has heat hopefully.”


28 When Tris was at the school taking the Aptitude test to see what faction she would go into. At the choosing ceremony she chose to go to Dauntless. At visiting day for Dauntless. When Four tells Tris that Erudite is planning an attack on Abnegation.

29 The Climax in this book would be when Al commits suicide, This is because Tris changes her whole perspective on everything. She starts to wonder why Al committed suicide. She wonders if he still would have committed suicide if would have forgiven him. She becomes more powerful. She takes her anger out in many different ways. She starts to think about why she chose Dauntless. Then she fell in love with Four.

30 When Tris saves Four from getting shot in the head. When Jeanine finds out that Tris and Four are Divergent. When Four tries to choke Jeanine and she injects him with the Divergent Serum. After Tris fights Four, and punches his head, he comes out of the Serum. Tris, Four, Caleb, and Marcus take the train to the Amity Sector to stay away from the war between Erudite and Abnegation.


32 Man vs. man- This conflict occurred in the story when Peter, Al, and Drew wore threatening to kill Tris. Man vs. society- Everyone was done with their simulations and the society injected the people with a serum that makes them a killing machine. Man vs. self- When, Tris had to decide which faction that she wanted to be in. Man vs. fate- This conflict appeared during the war where all the people in Dauntless got injected with the Divergent Serum that made them killing machines but Tris and Tobias was Divergent, so it did not affect them.


34 Theme Death- Al commits suicide. Tris’s parents both die saving her. Will dies when Tris shoots him, while he was under the divergent serum. Love- Four and Tris start dating. Christina and Will start dating. Edward and Myra were dating. Adventure- There is a lot of different places in this book. Like at Divergent. Good and Evil- Tris, Four, Christina, and Will are all good. People like Eric, Jeanine, Peter, Molly, and Drew are evil. Resolution The Resolution in this book is when Tris, Four, Caleb (Tris’s brother), and Marcus (Four’s dad) take a train to get to the Amity Sector to stay away from the war between Erudite and Abnegation.

35 (character pictures) (all our information) (alliteration example) =1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:91&tx=114&ty=34 (the chasm) =1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:91&tx=114&ty=34\hc&vpx=631&vpy=185&dur=192&hovh=101&hovw=134&tx=77&ty=45&sig=104172414141169210302&page=3&tbnh=101& tbnw=132&start=46&ndsp=27&ved=1t:429,r:63,s:0,i:280 (the school)\hc&vpx=631&vpy=185&dur=192&hovh=101&hovw=134&tx=77&ty=45&sig=104172414141169210302&page=3&tbnh=101& tbnw=132&start=46&ndsp=27&ved=1t:429,r:63,s:0,i:280 (the cafeteria) (the Hub) (initiates dormitory) (tattoo parlor) (Erudite Sector) (the bottom of the chasm) (the erudite library) (the Hancock building) (navy pier) (training room) ( The Net) (Fear Landscape) http://www.ision) (the roads in Abnegation) http://www.ision)

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