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Mass, Density, Volume, & Weight

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1 Mass, Density, Volume, & Weight

2 Mass – What is it? Mass is the amount of matter an object contains.
Matter is anything that has mass & takes up space Mass is ALWAYS constant It doesn’t change depending on where it is & it IS NOT dependent on gravity. Measured by using a balance comparing a known amount of matter to an unknown amount of matter

3 Weight – What is it? Weight is the measure of the force of gravity acting on an object Weight changes with location For example, my dog, Asa weighs 13.4 lbs (6kg) on Earth. If he were sent into space, he would weigh NOTHING! His weight would change on different planets Different planets have different gravity fields

4 Weight – What is it? Measure of force of gravity acting on an object
Changes with location Weight of an object changes if the gravity acting on that object changes Weight = mass x gravity Measured with a scale Measuring the pull of gravity

5 What is volume? Volume is the measure of the amount of space that a solid, liquid, or gas occupies There are several common units of measure for volume: mL (liquids) Cm3

6 How is volume measured? Direct measurement of liquid (units = mL)
Displacement of liquid by a solid (units mL changed to Cm3 ) L x W x H of a cube or rectangular solid (units are Cm3 )

7 What is density? Density is the amount of something in a particular area or space The amount of “stuff” in a space

8 Calculating Density (I) heart density!
We can calculate density by using the formula: Density=mass/volume D= m/v (I) heart density!

9 Questions?? Complete worksheets for class work/homework
Ask questions if you need help!!

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