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The Brain By Naomi B., Hailey Q., Marlayna N., and Hannah J.

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1 The Brain By Naomi B., Hailey Q., Marlayna N., and Hannah J.

2 Types of Brain Scans EEG (electroencephalograph) o recording of electrical signals from the brain made by hooking up electrodes to the person's scalp CAT o Combines many 2-D x-ray images to create 3-D images of inter structures such as the brain There are 5 types of brain scans:

3 Types of Brain Scans (continued) PET o Shows the brain’s radioactivity levels in a color coded brain map MEG o Measures magnetic fields released from the brain, then sends the currents to an instrument called SQUID

4 Types of Brain Scans (continued) MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) o Uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create a digital picture of internal organs and structures

5 Diseases/Injuries of the Brain Epilepsy/ Seizures o Treatments Temporal Lobe Resection Ketogenic Diet Alternative treatments Vagus Nerve Stimulation MST Functional Hemispherectomy o Medications Tegretol or Carbatrol Zarontin Felbatol Gabitril

6 Diseases/Injuries of the Brain (continued) Concussions o Examinations Neurological examination Cognitive testing Imaging tests o Treatments Rest Avoiding physical activities Avoid taking medications like Advil that will increase bleeding

7 Diseases/Injuries of the Brain (continued) Alzheimer’s o Treatments Cholinesterase inhibitors Namenda Safe + Supportive environment Exercise Nutrition Healthy shakes + smoothies

8 Brain Cancers o Benign tumor (non-cancerous cell growth) o Malignant tumors (cancerous cell growth) o Tumors that begin in brain rarely spread to other areas of the body Push on tissues unlike malignant tumors More aggressive Invade tissues unlike benign tumors There are two types of brain tumors :

9 Brain Cancers (continued) Treatment Options: Chemotherapy Radiation Surgery

10 Left- healthy MRI scan of brain Right- MRI scan of cancerous brain

11 How To Keep the Brain Healthy o Eat healthy snacks Snacks such as almonds and blueberries improve cognition helps the brain’s functions o Go for a walk Walking 20 minutes a day can maximize blood flow to the brain helps the brain think more clearly o Take Chinese Club Moss Supplements May protect your brain's neurotransmitters Keeps synapses firing correctly

12 How To Keep The Brain Healthy (continued) o Drink Red Wine delivers the powerful antioxidant resveratrol may prevent free radicals from damaging brain cells o Keep Calendars keeps you focused and oriented o Get Enough Sleep brain consolidates memories

13 Thank You!

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