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California Black Health Network, Inc. Denise Adams-Simms, M.P.H. Executive Director April 2, 2008.

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1 California Black Health Network, Inc. Denise Adams-Simms, M.P.H. Executive Director April 2, 2008

2 The California Black Health Network Mission Statement “To Improve the Health Status of People of African Descent in California by Influencing Policies and Developing Programs that Promote Health and Prevent Disease”

3 History and Mission of CBHN Founded in 1978 First statewide conference in 1980 Instrumental in creating Office of Multicultural Health Co-Founder of the California Pan-Ethnic Network (CPEHN) Currently CBHN is comprised of 6 chapters and 2 affiliate organizations

4 Overview Previous and current grant projects –Quality Assurance Project –Sweet Heart Project –African American Tobacco Education Network/ African American Tobacco Education Partnership –Smoke Free Living for African Americans –Personal Health Record –Tobacco Related Diseases Research Project

5 The Message How to Reach African Americans in Community Advocacy for Culturally Competent Outreach Utilization of Data and Research to Promote Social Marketing Partnership Opportunities

6 Quality Assurance Project Funded by the California Healthcare Foundation Purpose: to develop an Afrocentric framework for defining health care quality and to establish capacity to educate consumers about ensuring high quality medical services San Diego and Inland Empire service areas

7 Quality Assurance Activities Completed approximately 250 knowledge attitude and behavior surveys defining health care quality and documenting health care experiences of African Americans Conducted Training of 40 persons as health advocates in San Diego and Inland Empire in 2003.

8 Sweet Heart Project REACH 2010 Grant from Center for Disease Control (CDC) Foundation, funded by The California Endowment Designed interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease and diabetes among African Americans in Central San Diego Partners with CBOs, faith-based organizations, Community Health Center and health professionals.

9 Sweet Heart Interventions Disease Management, what to do, when to do it and why. How to live with the disease, not die from it! Nutrition Education Classes Physical Activity Education Classes and Groups

10 Sweet Heart American Diabetes Association Tour De Cure Team

11 African American Tobacco Education Network (AATEN) Partnership (AATEP) Funded by CDHS - Proposition 99 Originally there were four ethnic networks evolved into six Priority Population partnership Networks consist of administrative agency, advisory committee, other subcommittees and general membership

12 AATEN /AATEP Goals and Activities Build leadership Provide training and technical assistance Assess Health Education materials for cultural appropriateness Disseminate ethnic-specific information Community Education campaigns Mini-grant program

13 “Not in Mama’s Kitchen” Advocacy campaign to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke Participants commit to smoke free environments Campaign ran Mother’s Day to Father’s Day each year Solicited recipes and personal stories for inclusion in a cookbookl

14 Smoke Free Living for African Americans (SLAA) Funded by the County of Sacramento through Tobacco Settlement Monies To reduce second hand smoke in the cars and homes of African Americans in Sacramento To Provide Services and Support resources to help African Americans in Sacramento Stop Smoking To Conduct a Social Marketing Campaign to reduce second hand smoke exposure for children

15 Tobacco Related Disease Research Program Funded by UC Regents Collaboration between CBHN and San Diego State University Conducting Surveys to assess the health needs of African Americans in six areas of California and assist in tobacco use prevention and cessation.

16 Personal Health Records for African Americans Planning Grant funded by The California Endowment Encourage African Americans to utilize electronic personal health records To improve health status of persons with chronic illness such as diabetes Looking for 250 persons willing to be diligent record keepers.

17 Networking Opportunities CBHN Chapters African American Health Consortium – Beverly Jones-Wright (909) 473-3002 Bay Area Consortium for Quality Health Care Inc. – Gwen Rowe-Lee (510) 763-1872 Black Health Leadership Council of Los Angeles – Donzella Lee (323) 299-2227 North County African American Health Consortium - Natasha Riley - 760-407-1220 ext 167 -

18 Networking Opportunities CBHN Chapters Sacramento Black Health Network - Rhonda West-Peters - (916) 448-7900 San Diego Black Health Associates -Lottie Harris - President - 619-299-0411 ext,7420,

19 Contact Us Email: Executive Office 7851 Mission Center Court # 260 San Diego, CA 92108 Phone (619) 295-5413/ Fax (619) 295-5749 Sacramento Office 1330 21 st Street #205 Sacramento, Ca 95814 Phone (916) 448-7900 Fax (916) 448-7977

20 30 th Anniversary Celebration Symposium and Dinner Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel 5711 West Century Blvd. Los Angeles September 25, 2008

21 Another Thought for Today “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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