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Pet Store Million Dollar Project Jessica and Caroline.

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2 Pet Store Million Dollar Project Jessica and Caroline

3 What our project was We made a pet store for our project. In total we spent $966,475.00 We have six categories A building, pet products, food for the animals, the animals, employees, and cages and tanks. Here are the circle graphs and the data charts that we made.

4 Building ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Building1$695,000.00 Total $695,000.00

5 Cages and Tanks ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Big Cages50$70.00$3,500.00 Medium Cages100$50.00$5,000.00 Small Cages50$40.00$2,000.00 Fish Tanks150$35.00$5,250.00 Reptile and Frog Tanks100$40.00$4,000.00 Total $19,750.00

6 Animals ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Dogs25$800.00$20,000.00 Cats25$200.00$5,000.00 Fish100$5.00$500.00 Hamster20$15.00$300.00 Bird20$25.00$500.00 Snakes20$75.00$1,500.00 Turtles20$40.00$800.00 Frogs20$25.00$500.00 Geckos20$30.00$600.00 Guinea Pigs20$40.00$800.00 Chameleon10$100.00$1,000.00 Tortoise10$100.00$1,000.00 Rats20$15.00$300.00 Total $32,800.00

7 Pet Products ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Collars100$10.00$1,000.00 Leashes100$30.00$3,000.00 Dog Beds100$50.00$5,000.00 Bowls200$12.00$2,400.00 Cat Beds100$30.00$3,000.00 Bird Perches100$20.00$2,000.00 Dog Toys150$20.00$3,000.00 Cat Toys150$10.00$1,500.00 Hamster Wheels100$10.00$1,000.00 Hamster Balls100$20.00$2,000.00 Bird Toys100$10.00$1,000.00 Total $24,900.00

8 Employees ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Part-time Employees8$7,500.00$60,000.00 Full-Time Employees8$15,000.00$120,000.00 Total $180,000.00

9 Food ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Dog Food100$25.00$2,500.00 Cat Food100$20.00$2,000.00 Turtle Food50$3.50$175.00 Snake Food50$5.00$250.00 Hamster Food50$5.00$250.00 Frog Food50$5.00$250.00 Gecko Food50$5.00$250.00 Fish Food200$13.00$2,600.00 Bird Food100$25.00$2,500.00 Guinea Pig Food50$15.00$750.00 Chameleon Food50$15.00$750.00 Tortoise Food50$15.00$750.00 Rat Food50$20.00$1,000.00 Total $14,025.00

10 Final Major CategoryTotal Price Building$695,000.00 Animals$32,800.00 Pet Products$24,900.00 Employees$180,000.00 Cages and Tanks$19,750.00 Food$14,025.00 Total $966,475.00

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