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GCSE Media Studies.

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1 GCSE Media Studies

2 “In the modern world, media literacy will become as important a skill as Maths or Science.”
Tessa Jowell, Former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

3 What is Media Studies? Media is the study of how and why adverts, television, magazines, film, newspapers etc communicate with audiences. We analyse how texts work and why they exist. We look at texts such as Glamour magazine, The Mighty Boosh, Father Ted, music videos and a range of adverts and CD covers.

4 Why should I choose it? It improves your ICT skills
It develops your analytical skills – this is helpful for English, History, Geography and many other subjects. It helps make you a confident and independent learner. It helps you see what advertisers and film makers are REALLY doing!

5 How is the course assessed?
Controlled assessment and exams B321: Individual Portfolio controlled assessment % · Analytical piece marks · Production piece marks · Planning and evaluation 20 marks B324: Production Portfolio controlled assessment % · Planning and research 30 marks · Construction marks · Evaluation marks B323: Textual analysis and Media Studies exam % · Section A · Section B  

6 What will I make? In Year 9 you will make a range of different texts while learning how to use the computer programs. Your controlled assessments in Year 10 and 11 will require you to make items such as a DVD or CD cover, or several pages of a magazine, as well as doing research and writing an essay and evaluation. You may have the opportunity to try film making or animation. You are not expected to have all the ICT skills yet, and you don’t need a computer at home!

7 Yr 11 Magazine Controlled Assessment work

8 What sort of student should I be?
Enthusiastic Hard working You must have a good eye for detail You must enjoy working on computers An artistic eye is useful but you do NOT have to be able to draw! Willing to learn new ICT skills You DO NOT need a computer at home.

9 Who is it suitable for? Media Studies can be a wonderful, creative counterpoint to what can seem like a heavy workload; it helps you to develop your academic and ICT skills. The textual analysis is directly related to parts of the English GCSE as well as to parts of other GCSE subjects, and the essay demands the same skills as those you will write in History or English. Many extended pathway students choose Media Studies to add a broad, interesting and fun dimension to their GCSE options.

10 “I didn’t think my work could ever look this good!”
Year 11 student “I didn’t know how related everything in the Media is. I look at magazines and CD covers a bit differently now!” Year 10 student

11 For more information see Miss Sapiano in U32 (up the steps past the milk bar), or collect a leaflet from her desk.

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