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P3 – Classification of Businesses

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1 P3 – Classification of Businesses
Explain how businesses are classified using local and national examples

2 Industrial sectors Primary industries; take raw materials from the earth. E.g. Fishing Secondary industries; process / manufacture goods. E.g. Fish freezing Tertiary industry; where products and services are sold. E.g. Supermarkets

3 Primary sector includes…
Agriculture; Gardening, farming, crops Mining; Oil and gas, coal mines, quarries Forestry; Christmas trees, felling, planting Fishing; Salmon and trout farms Growing, extracting or converting natural resources into raw materials

4 Secondary sector includes…
Manufacturing; Production; Cars, food, computers Engineering; Designing buildings, tube lines, aviation design Energy production; Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water. Wind Farms Construction; Building sites, roads, railways, services that work on building sites Converts raw materials into saleable products for sale to other businesses and private individuals

5 Tertiary sector Includes…
Largest sector Private sector; Entertainment, banking, hair and beauty, restaurants Public sector; Schools, medical, military Voluntary sector; Wildlife protection, community support Provides services to businesses and individuals

6 Task One Finish P3 Title: P3: Classification of Businesses
Explain what each sector does. Give an example of a business in each sector Copy the tables from the next slide if not completed For each business explain in a small paragraph Where are they located? Whether this is local or national? What does the business do? What ownership type the business has Sole Trader, Partnership, Private Limited Company, Plc

7 Local Business name Location Category Sector Shortwood Farm Ashford, Staines Agriculture Primary Hampshire Polythene MFG Ltd Andover, Hampshire Manufacturing Secondary The Matthew Arnold School Staines Education Tertiary National Business name Location Category Sector National Trust Swindon Agriculture Primary British Gas Everywhere Utitities Secondary Topshop Private Sector - Retail Tertiary

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