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Mental Health Matters Ann Creed 07510 – 094580.

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1 Mental Health Matters Ann Creed 07510 – 094580

2 Learning and Skills and mental health – the Partnership Programme Mental Health and Social Exclusion (2004) recommended new agenda for mental health services Improving Services to People with Mental Health Difficulties (2006-9) LSC/NIACE/NIMHE + CSIP The Mental Health Strategy – The Way Forward (2009-10) LSC/NIACE/Inclusion Institute

3 Research links learning and work to recovery Fluctuating wellbeing Health inequalities Significance of teacher & learner relationship Why a Mental Health Strategy for learning and skills?

4 Mental Health Matters teachers-toolkit teachers-toolkit Target audience – teacher educators & CPD trainers 12 themes – linked activities, case studies, success stories, checklists, fact sheets

5 Activity – reflecting on work and wellbeing Work is not good for my mental wellbeing because……. Work is good for my mental wellbeing because…..

6 What helps a learner? 1. A whole organisation approach Declaration on enrolment What other learners say Front of house Marketing Information, Advice and Guidance Membership of e.g. Mindful Employer Visible Policies/procedures CPD for all staff Declaration later 1-1 relationship with teacher Better understanding of own learning needs Awareness of organisational attitudes Better knowledge of adjustments

7 What helps a learner? 2. Staff awareness of support needs Equalities Act ‘Key contact’ role Individual learning plan Policies and procedures ‘social world’ Flexibility – curriculum, assessment, learning environment etc. Adjustments to practice

8 What helps a learner? 3. Collaboration & communication Health & social care & welfare support services; local user forums and community organisations, employers etc. Collaboration across the organisation Collaboration with the learner

9 Activity - Roles and boundaries How do you make the boundaries of your role clear to all learners? What organisational policies and/or procedures support you in being clear about the responsibilities of your role and its boundaries? What training or professional development issues, if any, do you have?

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