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Welcome Back to School! Central Elementary School Mrs. Kahler First Grade Room 200.

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1 Welcome Back to School! Central Elementary School Mrs. Kahler First Grade Room 200

2 Reading Our reading series is Harcourt Storytown. There are five reading books for the year. The students will bring the book home each week to practice reading the stories. As the year goes on the students will be able to use the Accelerated Reader program on the computer. With the help of the Reading Specialist and the and paraprofessionals the students will receive differentiated instruction in the classroom. Centers will also be used to give students more independent practice with particular skills.

3 The students have several practice books that are kept in their desks. Look for the D.T. on the top of the page to denote that we did the page together. Reading tests will be given each Friday (schedule permitting). Spelling lists are sent home each Friday on the newsletter, and the tests are given the following Friday (schedule permitting). If there are changes, I will notify you via the newsletter. –The first words follow the phonic pattern. –The last words are sight or high-frequency words that have to be practiced and memorized. There are additional high-frequency words to practice reading, but they are not tested for spelling.

4 Writing, Grammar, and Text Talk Writing and grammar are integrated in the first grade curriculum. The students will begin the year writing complete sentences. By the end of first grade they will be producing a paragraph with a topic sentence, 3 detail sentences, and a closing sentence. The students’ writings will be scored with rubrics. The students have the opportunity to write each day in their journals. A Text Talk program is integrated into the reading program. The goal is to expand the students’ verbal vocabulary and comprehension. Many rich texts will be read to the students.

5 Math We use the Scott-Foresman Investigations series for mathematics. This is a conceptual approach to math. The students will learn math concepts by using manipulatives and games to gain a greater understanding of the big math ideas. The students are encouraged to solve problems in their own ways and to explain their thinking. Please practice at home too. It is important that your child become fluent with the math facts.

6 Science We are implementing a science program from McMillan-McGraw Hill, as well as the ASSET Science Program. The text gives the students many opportunities to hear non-fiction text. This helps transition them into the reading to learn phase. ASSET incorporates many hands-on science experiments. – Solids and Liquids

7 Social Studies The Social Studies program is called Social Studies Alive! In first grade, the focus is of the curriculum is school and family. We will also participate in the Olweus Bully Prevention Program. We will conduct weekly classroom meetings. In our meetings we will read stories, address concerns, and role-play different scenarios. We will strive to be H.E.R.O.s everyday!

8 Classroom Management System Red, Yellow, Green- our way to stay on task and learn. Way to inform parents about your child’s day. Simple question… How many times did Mrs. Kahler need to say your name?

9 Housekeeping Issues Take-home folders –The students will bring their Bomerang folder home each night. Please have them return it to school each morning with their homework inside. –Place any notes, lunch money envelopes, homework, excuses, etc. in the folder. I will check their folders each morning. Lunch money –Please send lunch money in a sealed envelope. Write the student’s full name, room number, and amount on the front of the envelope. Contacting me - You can reach me before school. I am usually at school by 8:10. I am also at school until 4:00 each day. If you send me a note in your child’s folder, I will get back to you as soon as I can. If I don’t have a break during the school day to call, I will contact you after school. You many also contact me through e-mail. My e-mail address is Birthdays - You may send a treat to school for your child’s birthday. Please let me know the day before if you are planning to send in treats.

10 Class Routine Journal Writing – Monthly journal will be sent home at the conclusion of each month Calendar Math – Folder/practices patterns Spelling Strategic Reading Groups Reading Recess/Lunch Math Grammar/Writing Itinerants

11 Thank you for coming tonight! I look forward to working with you and your child this year.

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