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We connect chips and systems

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1 We connect chips and systems
BME-ETT Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Electronics Technology Prof. Gábor Harsányi head of department Presented by: Richárd Berényi We connect chips and systems

2 BME – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Dept. of Control Engineering and Information Technologies Dept. of Automation and Applied Informatics Dept. of Computer Science Dept. of Telecommunications Dept. of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory Dept. of Electronics Technology Dept. of Electron Devices Dept. of Electric Power Engineering Dept. of Measurements and Information Systems Dept. of Telecommunications and Media Informatics electrical engineering Design, production and reliability of PCBs Laser technology Sensor technology Integrated Enterprise Control Systems informatics We connect chips and systems

3 BME-ETT’s Industrial Background in Hungary
> 10% GDP > 30% Export > people We connect chips and systems

4 Competences in Electronics and Technology
Design and simulation of electronic circuits, PCB layout design Complete design and simulation tools (Cadence) Technology of module circuit boards Complete prototyping line for PWB production Flexible substrates Thin film, Thick film Technology of circuit assembly Complete prototyping line for Surface Mount Technology assembling Quality insurance and reliability Accelerated lifetime tests Failure analyses We connect chips and systems

5 Recent industrial projects in Hungary
Research on lead-free soldering, process optimization Research on polymer thick film technology Laser drilled microvias in PCB and flexible substrates Development of Automated Optical Inspection algorithms Thin film evaporation, thickness distribution measurement and simulation Application specific electrical tester development Life-time increase of pick&place feeders Optimization of solder paste stencil production technology Development of interactive web-based education Controlling system for six-sigma project Quality tests, accelerated lifetime tests Failure analyses We connect chips and systems

6 We connect chips and systems
ETT-VLAB BME-ETT developed a virtual laboratory environment for teaching microelectronics packaging technology. It is an excellent tool for students and engineers to study manufacturing equipment processes resulting products and to make preparations for hands-on experiments VLAB can be used to present laboratory facility We connect chips and systems

7 X-ray structure and failure analysis
Opens of BGA bumps PCB misalignment tiltable detector resolution: 600 nm Examples of X-ray inspection applications:  BGA, CSP ball inspection Surface Mount Device solder joint micro wire bond multilayer printed wiring board  interconnection electromechanical components effects of different solder pastes, fluxes Wire-bond failures We connect chips and systems

8 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
reveals cracks, voids, delamination invisible for X-ray non-destructive SAM Images of a solder joint failure X-ray optical x-section We connect chips and systems

9 Standard Climatic Tests
THC -45°C..150°C heat-up time: ~90min. RH: % Thermal shock -60°C..200°C lift time between chambers ~10sec. HAST 100°C..150°C pressure: 2atm RH: max. 100% measurement of functional parameters during tests We connect chips and systems

10 International relations – EU projects
FLEXIL Laser processing of advanced flexible substrates LidCat Laser drilled µvias (50µm) Cheap Multi Chip Modules Establishment of fast prototyping low cost multichip module technology LeadOut Lead-free soldering process introduction for SMEs FlexNoLead Impacts of lead-free soldering on flexible technology EMCI Unique method for via metallization (embedded micro connector) CLEAN Leakage Currents and Static Power Consumption in Nanometer CMOS Circuits We connect chips and systems

11 Leakage Currents and Static Power Consumption in Nanometer CMOS Circuits

12 Low-power interest in Hungary We connect chips and systems
BME Department of Electron Devices deals with semiconductor devices, including device physics, process technology, materials characterization, design of VLSI circuits, development of CAD tools and thermal measurement and characterization of ICs and IC packages. Digital Media and System Engineering Laboratory (Prof.Dr. Ferenc Kovács) provides environment for the research of digital and analogue low-power circuits, development of VHDL-based circuit synthesis methods. His area includes the development of IC test equipment, real-time applications of VLSI circuits, low-power design of CMOS circuits and design of low-power biomedical instruments. Analogical and Neural Computing Laboratory, MTA-SzTAKI, Budapest Cellular Neural Networks (CNN) – a new computing paradigm for nonlinear spatio-temporal processing. Neurobiology is a motivating area. Research fields: HW and SW implementation of CNN computers (CNN Universal Machine); CMOS VLSI CNN chip development and application; emulated digital and optoelectronic implementations; systems research and system integration; CNN chip set architectures interfaced to the digital world. Integration Hungary Ltd (IHL) is a design center of Integration Associates Inc (IAI, IAI is a fabless mixed-signal semiconductor manufacturer, Mountain View, CA, specialized in power management and IR, RF and wireline communication ICs. IHL staff is focused on RF IC development. Main products are low data rate, low range ISM band transmitters and receivers (EZRadio products). We connect chips and systems

13 We connect chips and systems
Contact details Department of Electronics Technology Budapest University of Technology and Economics Goldmann t. 3., 1111 Budapest, Hungary Contact: prof. Gábor Harsányi Position: head of department Tel.: Fax: Web: Skills: high density electronic modules, PWB, laser technology, sensors, biomedical applications, web-based courses We connect chips and systems

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