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A Spending Spree Trip to Hawaii By: Phillip Weinstein.

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1 A Spending Spree Trip to Hawaii By: Phillip Weinstein

2 I spent $1,000,000 on a trip to the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Oahu. I invited 15 kids and five adults on a 13 day vacation and a seven day cruise. My major categories included dining, transportation, lodging, activities, clothes and shopping.

3 Category 1, Dining Big Mamma’s Fish House for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner (Breakfast 20%, Lunch 25%, Dinner 41%) everyday for the 20 people or 400 total meals. 400 Fresh fruit smoothies were purchased for the 20 guests (4%). 400 Ice Cream desserts for all 20 people over the vacation (2%). 2,000 Room Service Snacks for all 20 people (8%). ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Big Mamma's Breakfast 400$40.00$16,000.00 Big Mamma's Lunch 400$50.00$20,000.00 Big Mamma's Dinner 400$80.00$32,000.00 Fresh Fruit Smoothies 400$7.00$2,800.00 Ice Cream Desserts 400$4.99$1,996.00 Room Service Snacks 2,000$2.99$5,980.00 Total $78,776.00

4 Category 2, Transportation 20 first class tickets from Detroit, Michigan to Maui, Hawaii (17% of budget). 40 small aircraft flights (2 per person) around the islands of Hawaii (5% of budget). 3 limousines for rides for the 20 people around the islands (42% of budget). All 20 people went on a 7 day cruise (36% of budget). ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Flights (Round Trip)2$12,560.00$25,120.00 Flights (Around Hawaii)2$3,580.00$7,160.00 Limos3$21,000.00$63,000.00 Cruise1$53,980.00 Total $149,260.00

5 Category 3, Lodging All of the money in this category was spent on the Wyatt Regency Hotel on both islands(100%). ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Hotel room15$13,934.00$209,010.00 Total $209,010.00

6 Category 4, Activities I rented 5 Helicopters to fly everyone around Maui and Oahu (3% total). 15 Snorkeling sessions for adults (12%). 45 snorkeling sessions for kids (70%). 3 per person Bike rentals & trips or 60 total (3%) for our group. A Huleakala bike trip for all (5%). And of course a massage for everyone! (7%). ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Helicopter ride (Maui)5$179.00$895.00 Helicopter ride (Oahu)5$179.00$895.00 Snorkeling (Adults)15$480.00$7,200.00 Snorkeling (Kids)45$930.00$41,850.00 Bike Rentals/Trips (3 Islands)60$31.50$1,890.00 Huleakala Bike Trip20$145.00$2,900.00 Massages20$195.00$3,900.00 Total $59,530.00

7 Category 5, Clothes and Shopping A complete new wardrobe was purchased for everyone (11%). Each women received a diamond tennis bracelet and earrings and men received a pair of diamond cufflinks (69%). 310 soft monogrammed beach blankets and silk bath towels were given to everyone (20%). A special souvenir was sent home for friends and family (less than a percent). ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price Socks400$11.00$4,400.00 Robes Women5$189.00$945.00 Robes Men15$146.00$2,190.00 Bath Towels300$344.00$103,200.00 Beach Blankets & Silk Towels10$29.00$290.00 Shirts men300$20.00$6,000.00 Shirts woman75$38.00$2,850.00 Men's Air Jordan Sneakers30$165.00$4,950.00 Women's shoes10$82.00$820.00 underwear womens100$91.99$9,199.00 underwear mens300$38.00$11,400.00 shorts400$9.00$3,600.00 Diamond tennis bracelet5$11,520.00$57,600.00 Diamond Cuff Links30$3,427.00$102,810.00 Diamond Earrings10$19,197.00$191,970.00 Souvenirs Family & Friends60$20.00$1,200.00 Total $503,424.00

8 Total Spending Price Breakout My $1,000,000 budget for a luxurious vacation for family and friends to the islands of Hawaii was broken out as follows: – 50% Clothes & Shopping – 21 % Lodging – 15% Transportation – 8% Dining – 6% Activities Major CategoryTotal Price Dining$78,776.00 Transportation$149,260.00 Lodging$209,010.00 Activities$59,530.00 Clothes & Shopping$503,424.00 Total $1,000,000.00

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