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Types of Travel Operations

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1 Types of Travel Operations

2 Types of Travel Operations
A study of air, rail, coach and car hire services; the roles of consolidators, wholesalers and suppliers, inbound and outbound operators. Students learn how to prepare travel documents, passports, visas, a ticket register and maintain document security. Skills developed include compiling itineraries, reading timetables and fare schedules, preparing travel insurance and how to advise on packages, tours, transfers, accommodation, currency requirements and language and cultural differences.

3 Insurance Supplier-generated:- Cruise line or tour operator provides the coverage, if something goes wrong, supplier will take care of the costs involved, usually inexpensive, disadvantages i) Supplier goes out of business, who will cover the loss? ii) Limited number of situations

4 Insurance b) May come from an insurance company :- More expensive than supplier- generated insurance, covers many more situations, applies when suppliers default, usually offers a 24/7 assistance center accessed by a toll-free number, helps provide solutions to unexpected occurrences, obtained through a travel agency

5 Insurance May come from an insurance company but through the supplier:- acknowledge the limitations of self-generated coverage, contract with an insurance company to provide their coverage, supplier defaults, customers will still be covered

6 Car rentals Car Rental Companies could be corporate owned or a franchise “Big Eight” car rental brands are Hertz, Avis, Budget National, Alamo, Thrifty, Dollar and Enterprise in USA Each auto rental company does all it can to achieve a distinct image or position in the marketplace

7 Car Rentals Fierce competition :- profit margins are often razor-thin, and many factors have an impact on the business e.g. fuel prices rise, airfare drop Relationships with other suppliers e.g. hotels, airlines, tour operators are crucial in extending their distribution networks.

8 Car Rentals Most people rent a car for some or many of
these reasons :- Get around easily Best navigate and/or experience a place Save money Replace your own car Prefer driving vacations

9 Rail Efficient, romantic and inexpensive
Perception of rail depends on your outlook e.g. past, present and the future

10 Types of Passenger Rail Travel
1) Transportation Rail :- Commuter trains that take people to and from work or school, long-distance trains, transporting both businesspeople and leisure travellers

11 Types of Passenger Rail Travel
High-speed trains :- “Bullet trains” travel well over 100 miles per hour and often represent the fastest way to get from place to place 3) Specialty trains :- Privately owned, turned themselves into attractions e.g. Eastern Orient Express

12 Types of Passenger Rail Travel
4) Local rail :- forms of public transportation providing a vital service linking to almost all the parts of a country

13 Airlines May be run by their own national governments e.g. Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, Garuda Airlines, British Airways, Qantas Airways

14 Airlines Routes could be a) Domestic b) International
Two options you could fly a) Scheduled Service b) Charter flight

15 Flight Types and Routes
Nonstop flight Direct flight Connecting flight

16 Destination Marketing Organizations
Represent a major force in tourism Mission is to promote a place Represents a tourist bureaus or tourist offices e.g. STB, MTPB (Malaysia or Myanmar) Headquartered in their home country, maintain offices in key cities across the globe

17 Destination Marketing Organizations
Work closely with tour operators, airlines and cruise lines Objective :- a) Increase number of visitors b) Increase visitors’ spending

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