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OCN 750 Class #11: March 20 Cover Letters

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1 OCN 750 Class #11: March 20 Cover Letters
Announcements & Report-backs Reviewing job ads Writing cover letters Upcoming assignments/classes

2 Any questions or comments? Michele?
For today (3/20) Bring laptop (you can borrow one from C- MORE ed office) Find a job ad that you’re interested in applying for. this job ad to us and bring it to class. Reflection on CV, or send a list of 5 websites with short descriptions. Volunteer to compile websites? Any questions or comments? Michele?

3 Job Application Package
CV (or resume) Cover Letter Job-specific materials Goal: Get an interview!

4 Cover Letter: Purpose Complement (not duplicate) your CV
Show you’re a “good fit” to the job Not a form letter - must be tailored to job ad Show that you’re a strong writer, attentive to detail, and respectful/courteous

5 Cover Letter: Format Limit to 1-2 pages
Use standard business letter format Should be easy to read (11 or 12 point font, avoid lengthy paragraphs) Can be mailed, ed, uploaded (see job ad) Save as a PDF, even if you’re mailing it If , submit cover letter as an attachment

6 Standard Business Letter Format
Top of Page Your Contact Information Address City, State, Zip Code Phone Number Website Date Employer Information Full name of contact person Job title of contact person Organization name Organization Address City, State, Zip Code Salutation Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. Last Name: Bottom of Page Closing “Sincerely,” or “Best regards,” Signature Block Your signature Your typed name

7 Body of Cover Letter First Paragraph Explain that you are applying for a job. Include the position name, number (if applicable) and where you learned about the job. Convey your interest in the position. Middle Paragraph(s) Describe what you have to offer the employer. Don’t simply restate what’s on your CV. Instead, show how your qualifications match those in the job ad. Make strong connections between your abilities and their needs, and back up your statements with evidence. Add a personal touch! Use several shorter paragraphs or bullets rather than one large block of text. Final Paragraph Conclude your cover letter by expressing your interest in the position and thanking the employer for considering your application.

8 Sample Body of Cover Letter (M
Sample Body of Cover Letter (M. Guannel, C-MORE marine science educator) First paragraph I respectfully submit my application for the position of Marine Science Educator (job ID: 12234) with the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE). I expect to receive my Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography from the University of Washington this summer, and I now intend to pursue marine science teaching and outreach with diverse populations.

9 Middle paragraphs My academic background in microbial oceanography fits closely with the research aims of C-MORE. Through my dissertation research, I have utilized both culturing and molecular methods to explore the biogeography of marine bacteria and the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia. I have participated in multiple oceanographic cruises, and I am enthusiastic about conducting similar field work in the future. I offer nearly thirteen years of experience in teaching and outreach, much of which has focused on communicating microbial oceanography and its broader societal importance. I have co-taught several inquiry-based courses in biological and general oceanography at the University of Washington. I also have mentored students outside of the classroom, including three years of supervising undergraduate researchers on projects related to my dissertation.

10 Finally, I am perhaps most excited about the Marine Science Educator position with C-MORE because of the program’s mission to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the sciences. Since some of my earliest teaching work in AmeriCorps, I have supported youth of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. At the University of Washington, in order to address the lack of ethnic diversity among marine scientists, I have focused my volunteer outreach work on activities with ethnic minorities. I strongly hope to expand upon this work through future employment. Final Paragraph I am very interested in learning about how I may contribute my experiences and career goals to the education team at C-MORE. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

11 Questions or Comments?

12 Cover Letter Exercise: Part 1
Individually Review your job ad Write first (short) paragraph of your cover letter Outline the middle paragraphs (bullets are fine) What are the key qualifications in the job ad? What are your relevant skills/experience/interests? (What do you have to offer the employer?) Break ~1:50

13 Cover Letter Exercise: Part 2
In Small Groups (3-4 people) In turns, read first paragraph of your cover letter Discuss your middle paragraphs What are the key qualifications stated in the job ad? What are your relevant skills/experience? (What do you have to offer the employer?) Pay attention to time At 2:40, one person per group will report back

14 Next week (3/27) Looking ahead
No Class (next week) KSBE Student Networking Mixer Looking ahead 4/03 – Online Presence (see next slide) 4/10 – Interviewing (Due: cover letter, job ad)

15 Assignment Due 4/3 Online profile preparation
Gather 5 photos Join LinkedIn & start browsing profiles Find example of 1 online profile that you like -- from LinkedIn or another platform Bring laptop to class Questions? Ask Michele.

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