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Immigration to Europe from Africa Christos, Paul, Patrick.

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1 Immigration to Europe from Africa Christos, Paul, Patrick

2 Overview  With over one million migrants a year and 299,000 asylum applications in 2006 alone, Europe is the primary destination for African migrants worldwide. Migratory flows from Africa currently make up the largest share of migration into Europe.

3  The majority of African migrants living overseas are in Europe, approximately 4.6 million, according to the International Organization for Migration. But the Migration Policy Institute believes there are between seven and eight million irregular African immigrants living in the EU] ]

4  The actual number changing depending on regularisation schemes in the member states. About two-thirds of Africans in Europe are from North Africa (particularly Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia). An increasing number of immigrants are from Western Africa (mainly Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal).

5 Statistic Statistic Country African Population Population centres Description France About 4.5 million Paris,Lyon,Toulouse Includes anyone who was born in Africa Germany817500 Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne Mainly from Ghana and Cameroon Italy 1 million Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Florence Mainly from Marocco, Tunisia, Senegal Portugal140530 Lisbon, Porto, Faro Portuguese colonies in Africa (Angola and Cape Verde) Switzerland73553 Fribourg, Vevey, Berne Algeria, Cameroon and Angola United Kingdom 2800000 millions London, Manchester, Liverpool Ghana, Angola

6 Illegal immigration Illegal immigration  Illegal immigration from Africa to Europe is significant. Many people from poor African countries risk all their lifes on the dangerous journey for Europe, in hopes of a better life. In parts of Africa, like Morocco, trafficking of immigrants to Europe has become more lucrative than drug trafficking. But some illegal immigrants die during the journey and most of them who don't get asylum get deported back to Africa.

7 Immigration from outside Europe since the 1980s  Some scholars, like sociolinguists (Hayley Johnson and Katlyn Archer), have said that the increase in immigration flows from the 1980s, are an expression of the growing of global inequalities between poor and rich countries.  In May 2009 the European Commission adopted the EU Blue Card. This permit will make it easy for skilled third-country workers to live and work in any of the participating EU member states. Legislation is now in place on a European level, gradually member states will start accepting applicants to this program. Pre- registration started in January 2010.


9 History of the immigration to europe  Until the late 1962s and 1970s, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom were primarily sources of emigration, sending large numbers of emigrants to the Americas, Australia and other European countries (notably France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium).

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