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1 Publications DSI Library Public Administration and non profit activities.

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1 1 Publications DSI Library Public Administration and non profit activities

2 2 Master Programme A joint post-degree training project for central, regional and local Administrations held by the Economic Faculties of Rome Universities Some MIMAP international partners EURAC – Public Management EMAP University of Italian Switzerland University Leopold Franzens of Innsbruck European foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Public Governance Committee of the OECD IV editions of the MIMAP International Week

3 3 Master Programme Ministry of Welfare Department of Public Administration (DPF) Formez Prime Ministers Office Regione Basilicata Agenzia Sviluppo Lazio S.p.A. Agenzia Regionale Parchi del Lazio Italian Spatial agency ARAN APAT (National environment protection agency) ARPA Lazio Atac (Public transportation agency) Accenture Acea S.p.A. Bic Lazio S.p.A. CapItalia Consip KPMG MIMAP Internship Opportunities

4 4 Master Programme Other Post-Graduate Programmes Master in Health management and economics Master in development and evaluation of public investments (NUVAL) Master in e-Procurement Master in Cultural heritage management and economics

5 5 University Programme University Courses Public Administration and Management Strategy and governance in Public Administration Economics of non profit organizations Planning and control in Public Administration Social Reporting Accounting systems in the Public Sector Organization of Public Administration

6 6 PhD progamme PhD Program in Public management and administration European Public Administration Doctorate Network ESADE (Escuela superior administracion impresa), Department of Public Administration (Barcellona, Spain) INTERLINK partnerships: Erasmus University di Rotterdam (The Netherlands) ENS Cachan Parigi (France), Group analyse des politique publiques London School of Economics EAES Fondazione Getulio Vargas San Paolo (Br) Center for Government and society, Limerick University, (Ir) Doctorate Cycles XV - XXI Partners: LUISS "Guido Carli" di Roma University of Roma "Tor Vergata" University of Roma Tre The aim is to: introduce students to methods of social science research, ideas, theories and tools; understand the transformation processes occurring in the public sector, and to promote their placement in these administrations.

7 7 Research projects MURST research project (1999 2001) The governance systems of public sector networks and groups Department of Public Administration research project (2001), Benchmarking in the Italian public sector Department of Public Administration research project, (2002 - 2003), Contracting out services and activities in public administrations, [Publication: Handbook on contracting out strategies]. Scientific coordination of the Innovative Finance Laboratory, Cantieri Program (2002– 2003) Formez research project Social reporting and strategic control, (2003-2004), Formez research project Analysis of competencies in local civil servants – Giano (2002 2003) Formez CIPA Project Data base on best practices (2002) Scientific coordination of Cento progetti III and IV edition Governance project The governance of regional administrations Formez Regione Basilicata Istituto Nitti Regione Basilicata 2003-2004 Innovation and modernization in public administration: focus on development of New Public Management logistics

8 8 Ministry of Welfare Research project, Identification and evaluation of innovative approaches to health and social welfare services in Italy Laboratory of Cantieri Programme (DFP) research on Contracting out services and activities in public administrations Interuniversity research programme PRIN 2004 2006 : Governance and performance of public-private networks in the cultural sector Comune of Rome X Municipality Research Programme Set-up of a social business incubator Centre for Social Economy Research programme Measuring results in public administrations, Department of Public Administration. Università di Tor Vergata – Università di Catania research project Environmental reporting in local government Università di Tor Vergata – APAT research project Financial strategies in the public sector Università di Tor Vergata – APAT research project Modernisation of environment protection services Research projects

9 9 Observatories Centre of Social Economics ONOG

10 10 The Project Since December 2004 thanks to an agreement between the X Municipality Cinecittà and The Faculty of Economics of Roma Tor Vergata University – Department of Business Studies Aim Foundation of Centre of Social Economics General objectives Establishment of a social network in X Municipality; Workshop to agree and determine activities to be developed; Involvement of experts from the social professions and from organizations working in the Third Sector and in local development politics. Observatories Centre of Social Economics ONOG

11 11 Observatories Innovative Finance Laboratory

12 12 Identify financial needs in local governments through communities of practice (San Donato Milanese, Roma Sud, Comuni Sud Salento, Comuni Provincia Catania) Analyse experiences, identify financial and organizational strategies to be implemented in the communities of practice and promoting these experiences [i.e. Bond emission in pool of Castelli Romani (50 mil. )] Spread knowledge and awareness on financial issues through seminars and training courses for public managers Observatories Innovative Finance Laboratory

13 13 Publications Meneguzzo M. Linnovazione organizzativa nella amministrazione centrale dello Stato: downsizing, fusioni e agenzie, in R. Cafferata, Management e organizzazione aziendale ARACNE 2000 Meneguzzo M., Cepiku D., Di Filippo E., (eds), Managerialità, innovazione e governance nella Pubblica Amministrazione, Aracne, Roma, 2006. L. Hinna, M. Meneguzzo, R. Mussari, M. De Castri, Economia delle amministrazioni pubbliche, McGraw Hill, 2005 M.Meneguzzo, a cura di, Manuale di finanza innovativa per le amministrazioni pubbliche, Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica, 2003 D.Cepiku, Coping with Corruption in Albanian Public Administration and Business, in L. Jones, K. Schedler, R. Mussari, Strategies for Public Management Reform, Elsevier, 2004. M.Meneguzzo, V.Mele, A.Tanese, Strategies for Health Care Reform Implementation in Southern Italy in L. Jones, K. Schedler, R. Mussari, Strategies for Public Management Reform, Elsevier, 2004. Lucianelli G., Tanese A. (a cura di), Il benchmarking nelle aziende e nelle amministrazioni pubbliche. Logiche ed esperienze a confronto, Giappichelli, Torino, 2002. D.Cepiku, Ein Internationaler Vergleich von Reformen territorialer Governance-Strukturen: Kommunale Kooperationen und Kommunale Fusionen, in H. Plamper, Kleinfeld, A. Huber, (eds), Regional Governance: Erfolg durch neue Formen überörtlicher Zusammenarbeit, University of Osnabrueck, Germany, 2006.

14 14 DSI Library Degree Thesis Search Engine Doctorate Thesis MIMAP Thesis More than 200 monographs

15 15 Internationalization Main international projects University of Innsbruck (Austria), Accademia Europea di Bolzano: activities of post-degree training in English modules of MIMAP since 2000 University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano: joined activities of post-degree training beetween MIMAP (II level master in Innovation and public management) and EMAP (executive master in public administration), started up in 2004 World Bank CEIS Project Mozambico 2000, University Eduardo Mondlane 2000 Research Project UNDESA United Nations CEIS 2005 (modernization of public administrations) ERASMUS University of Rotterdam, research project Public governance in Northern Europe and Mediterranean states 2005

16 16 Seminars and conferences Seminars and conferences Public Governance: Theory & practice, University of Rome Tor Vergata, May 19th, 2006 Public Administration reforms in New Zealand since the 80s, Dr.ssa R.Rennie, Senior Analyst New Zealand Treasury, 6 December 2005 Transformation of Public Administration in Italy since its unification, Dr. G.Vetritto, DFP, 13 December 2005 International Meeting on Public Governance, February 2005 AIDEA Giovani Meeting, The Innovation of Public Administration, 15 July 2005 Financial Law 2005 seminar Expenditure management and control, 26 January 2005, Doctorate in Economia e gestione delle aziende e delle amministrazioni pubbliche Cycle of seminars Local Finance: Development Engine – Financial solutions for investments and services in local bodies, Sviluppo Lazio – University of Roma 2 Tor Vergata, March – September 2005

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