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By, AWESOME Keagan Heckmann Milan, Italy.

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1 By, AWESOME Keagan Heckmann Milan, Italy

2 LOCATION Milan is located in Northern Italy. It has a population of 1,315,000 people. The area of the city is 71 miles square. It is bordered by the countries of France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Herzegovina!

3 LOCATION Milan, Italy is located in southern Europe. Italy is a peninsula bordered by the Adriatic sea to the north-west, the Mediterranean sea to the south and the East.

4 TEMPERATURE Milan Italy is found in mostly Mediterranean; Alpine to the far north; hot and dry in the south. Since it is in this climate zone it is mild all year round.

5 CLIMOGRAPH This is a climograph of Italy all year round.

6 Waterways These are some of the major waterways in Italy. As you can see there are some rivers right by Milan. The longest river in Italy is the Po River. It originates from the Swiss Alps near the French border.

7 TRANSPORTATION Transportation in Milan (Italy) is very easy, because it is so cheap. Trains are a big part in transportation because it is so easy and fast to get around.

8 This is a kind of train people use called a manorial.

9 People also use modern day cars that we use too!!
They also go around by car. Tourists go around mostly by car so that they can get to the small cities that the trains can’t stop at.

10 PLANES Airports are also a great source of transportation if wanted to travel from one side to the other, or long distances.

11 BOATS People go on the rivers by boats to transport goods.

12 WALKING People walk to get around more efficiently.

13 Biking People bike too.

14 Motorcycle

15 Vittorio Emanuele the second is the most famous place to come shop and dine in Milan!

16 The most famous landmark in Milan Italy is undoubtedly the city's gothic cathedral called the Duomo.

17 The La Scala Opera House and Museum.

18 The Piazza del Duomo is Milan's main square.

19 Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco) is a huge palace located in Milan Italy.

20 This is a very famous fountain in Milan.

21 Many major cites have there very own clock tower.

22 This is Sempione Park and is 116 acres of fun!


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