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Unit 1 Star signs Reading.

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1 Unit 1 Star signs Reading

2 Revision: How many star signs are there?
What are the names of the star signs?

3 Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Sagittarius Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

4 Read fast and answer "T" or "F"
Kitty was born on 26th March. She should be kind and wise. Suzy’s birthday is on 28th April. She should be energetic and active Simon’s star sign is Leo. This means he is strong and confident. Sandy’s star sign is Virgo. This means she is probably a careless person. Daniel was born on 7th October. He should be polite. Amy’s birthday is on 2nd November. She should be a patient person. F energetic and active F hardworking but stubborn at times T F modest T F powerful

5 Tasks for the second reading:
Read the passages carefully and say something about star signs.

6 Aries energetic active impatient selfish 21st Mar-20th Apr

7 Taurus stubborn hard-working patient not give up easily
21st Apr-21st May

8 Gemini curious and clever outgoing feelings change easily love to talk
22nd May-21st Jun

9 Cancer kind love home and family take care of others
save money and cook 22nd Jun-22nd Jul

10 Leo strong confident generous 23rd Jul-22nd Aug

11 Virgo modest worry too much practical pay attention to details
23rd Aug-22nd Sept

12 Libra Polite and fair elegant peaceful 23rd Sept-22nd Oct

13 Scorpio powerful energetic silly 23rd Oct-21st Nov

14 Sagittarius humorous enjoy life lucky love traveling 22nd Nov-20th Dec

15 Capricorn work hard successful good at making and planning things
patient 21st Dec-20th Jan

16 Aquarius kind and wise have many friends strange 21st Jan-19th Feb

17 Pisces generous kind gentle easy-going creative imaginative
20th Feb-20th Mar

18 Tasks for the third reading:
Find out the meanings of the following adjectives.

19 Match the first parts of the sentences on
the left with the second parts on the right e 1 An energetic person __ a does not easily get angry. 2 An outgoing person b cares only about himself/ herself. 3 A confident person c is friendly and love to meet people. 4 A selfish person ___ d can wait without angry. 5 An easy-going person ___ e has lots of energy. 6 A fair person ___ f wants to know about everything. 7 A patient person ___ g treats everyone equally. 8 A curious person h has a good sense of humorous 9 A humorous person ____ I feels sure about his/ her own ability. c i b a g d f h

20 Tasks for the fourth reading:
Complete Part C2

21 Classmate Birthday Characteristics
Samuel th Apr Some people say Samuel is selfish and (1)_________ at times, but I do not think he is. I think he is kind, (2)__________ and (3) ________. Peter th Feb Peter loves dreaming about everything.He is very (4)________ and (5) ____________. We love being friends with him,because he is generous, kind, gentle and (6) ____________. Katie nd Dec Katie likes telling jokes. She is (7)___________. She enjoys life and loves (8)__________. She always seems to be very lucky. impatient energetic active imaginative creative easy-going humorous travelling

22 Classmate Birthday Characteristics
Lisa th Jun Lisa likes to (9)_____________ others. She is kind to everyone. She loves cooking and sharing food with others. She also loves (10) _____________. Suzy th Apr Suzy is a (11)_____________girl and always does well in exams. She never (12)__________ easily, but she can be (13)____________ at times. Paul th Jan Paul is good at planning things. He works hard and is often (14)__________. He is also very (15) ____________. take care of saving money hard-working gives up stubborn successful patient

23 Describe your own star sign and characteristics

24 My characteristics eg:
energetic easy-going curious outgoing businesslike successful patient active powerful wise modest clever practical gentle generous fair polite elegant confident… eg: I am a Libra. I am patient and helpful. I am elegant and fair to everyone…

25 Writing …..

26 My characteristics energetic easy-going curious outgoing businesslike successful patient active powerful wise modest clever practical gentle generous fair polite elegant confident eg: I am good at sports. I like playing football very much. I always plan things carefully. My classmates often say I am very patient.Sometimes, I am patient enough to wait for a long time without getting angry. My star sign is Capricorn. I think my characteristics match what my star signs says about me.

27 Homework Write a description of your family member’s characteristics.

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