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Factors influencing open source software adoption

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1 Factors influencing open source software adoption
Meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS 2014) Dublin, Ireland and Manila, Philippines April 2014 Brian Buffett, Head of Statistical Services & Technology

2 Overview Context Innovation as a process Open Source Software adoption
The Statistical Industry Summary

3 Context Perspective of software adopters – not producers
Explore statistical agency adoption of OSS Messages for ‘industry built’ software sharing initiatives?

4 Industry agnostic view

5 Stages of Innovation Adoption
Stages of <Open Source Software> adoption Unaware of Open Source Software (OSS) Aware of OSS but not in the specific area (business or technical) Seeking information about OSS in the area Aware of OSS in the area, considering (possible exit point) Piloting OSS (possible exit point) Using OSS in production Moving through the stages relies on the accumulation of knowledge From external sources From internal experiences & projects Individuals are fundamental to the process

6 Evolution The majority of organisations who consider OSS end up adopting it Once organisations start using OSS, usage expands from simple applications to mission-critical applications Once organisations have adopted OSS for a wide range of applications, it is no longer viewed the same – it begins to be treated the same as commercial software Once that point is reached, OSS is evaluated against the same criteria as commercial (COTS) s/w and must meet the same requirements and standards

7 Towards successful OSS adoption Managing Change
Build support for the initiative Identify & address internal barriers Identify risks Impart skills and knowledge on teams which will be affected Introduce governance Adapt purchasing policies NOTE: OSS has a specific culture and there are champions, detractors and neutral persons regardless of a specific business case

8 Procurement example Government (or Agency) procurement, asset management & requirements specification will need to evolve to support OSS and industry sharing models Example from UK Government ICT Procurement Guide Evaluation is to be based on best value and consider commercial and OSS solutions equally. In case of ties, OSS wins Example of requirements to be considered: Security Scalability Minimum and essential functionality Transferability Manageability Maintenance & support requirements Total cost of ownership, including exit and transition costs

9 Statistical Industry View Summary of Results

10 Where are organisations focussing their efforts – top ranked goals
Improve integration between applications Increase process-oriented statistical production (reduce silos) Reduce IT costs Increase industrialisation of statistics Increase collaboration with other statistical agencies Adopt or increase use of DDI and/or SDMX standards Use IT to increase innovation

11 Policy Eleven (out of 43) organisations have organizational policies regarding OSS adoption and use. Policy orientation: Ten policies are oriented in favour of OSS adoption One policy is neutral

12 Statistical Organisations Openness to OSS

13 Statistical Organisations and the Innovation Adoption Stages

14 The official statistics industry
Has shared goals and this was confirmed by the study Is widely researching, evaluating, and using OSS consistent with high rate of adoption in entire public sector Is using OSS in all areas of statistical operations Is planning to increase OSS usage in the next 48 months Views best practices as important but has not implemented them / is not implementing them Identified OSS having lower operating costs than COTS Identified the same major concerns as other industries Availability of service and support Security

15 Which characteristics of OSS are most important?
Highest level of agreement across staff roles Ability to use OSS without restrictions Support in OSS of open standards Ability to reduce dependencies on vendors Highest variance between staff roles Ability to view and modify source code Ability to create and distribute derivative works Ability to participate in & contribute to OSS development Ability to participate in & contribute to OSS communities

16 Good Practices when Deploying OSS
Managing maintenance and support costs Having rules governing OSS development, maintenance, security, and support Having guidelines & approval processes for choosing OSS products prior to adoption Rating & ranking OSS risks and mitigating those risks Monitoring the OSS community to ensure adequate development & support of components used by the agency Ensuring relevant internal skills in OSS development or operations Establishing a support model for the OSS product/solution Establishing internal development, testing, and change management processes for OSS

17 Greatest Concerns regarding OSS
Availability of service and support Security of the software Lack of relevant internal skills and knowledge of OSS (development and operations) Product Immaturity Inability of OSS to help meet business goals

18 Services from external companies re. OSS
In highest demand Consulting Integrating multiple OSS components Training Lifecycle support Integrating OSS with other software Lowest demand Legal support OSS operations Certification of OSS OSS selection

19 Security Consistently ranked as a top concern across all industries
Security evaluations by specialist firms found security to be comparable between OSS and COTS s/w OSS is not more or less secure than COTS Heartbleed openssl backdoor notwithstanding!

20 Summary Innovation adoption is a process – barriers, risks, elements to manage all change as organisation changes People are critical to the process Major concerns are maintenance/support and security & security of OSS is equivalent to COTS Statistics agencies need to carefully evaluate the true lifecycle costs of OSS vs other models OSS adoption could provide good lessons for industry sharing initiatives Efforts to increase software sharing could benefit from targeting assistance at the various process stages

21 Thank You! Brian Buffett Head of Statistical Services & Technology

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