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Groundwater Hydraulics

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1 Groundwater Hydraulics
Introduction Groundwater Hydraulics Daene C. McKinney

2 Course Objectives Introduction to groundwater, including:
Groundwater in the hydrologic cycle Characteristics of porous media Darcy's law of flow in porous media Continuity principles Well hydraulics and aquifer testing Applications of groundwater hydraulics Characteristics of unsaturated flow

3 CE Program Outcomes Addressed
1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering 3. Design a system, component, or process 4. Function on multidisciplinary teams 5. Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems 7. Communicate effectively 8. Understand the impact of engineering solutions 9. Recognize need for life-long learning 10. Be knowledgeable of contemporary issues 11. Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools A. Apply knowledge of mathematics and science B. Apply knowledge of civil engineering D. Design in more than one civil engineering context

4 Housekeeping Prerequisites: CE 356 Hydraulics Text: Homework:
Groundwater Hydrology, Todd, David Keith, Larry W. Mays, John Wiley & Sons, 2004 ($40 on Homework: Due dates on web site Excessively late (> 2 days) penalized 50% per day late Expectations: Clear presentation, No computational errors, Answers clearly marked, Units marked and used correctly Software: GroundwaterVistas (graphical interface for USGS MODFLOW)

5 Housekeeping (Cont.) Grading: Exams (2): 40% Homework: 20%
No makeups No Final Homework: % Project: % Letter grades will be assigned as follows: A 92 – 100% A- 89 – 91% B+ 86 – 88% B 82 – 85% B- 79 – 81% C+ 76 – 78% C 70 – 75% C- 67 – 69% D+ 64 – 66% D 58 – 63% D- 55 – 58% F < 55%

6 Projects Work in a team on a design project dealing with limiting hydraulic containment of a contaminated aquifer Real, complex groundwater issue Each team Make an oral presentation of their results Deliver a final report (the presentation, model and results) Purposes of the project: Enable you to explore in-depth an aspect of groundwater Provide experience formulating, executing and presenting a groundwater investigation

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