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Speech Therapy Lara North Personal Finance February 1, 2012.

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1 Speech Therapy Lara North Personal Finance February 1, 2012

2  The middle fifty percent earns between $50,330 and $79,620  Median wages in each industry: Earnings! IndustryWages Nursing care facilities-$79,120 Home health care services$77,030 General medical and surgical hospitals $68,430 Offices of other health practitioners $67,910 Elementary and secondary schools $58,140

3  Typical licensing requirements include a master’s degree from an accredited college or university  A passing score on the national examination on speech-language pathology  300 to 375 hours of supervised clinical experience  9 months of postgraduate professional clinical experience. Educational Requirements

4  One may enter in a variety of positions to gain clinical experience.  As one gains experience and further education, there are opportunities to advance to administrative and supervising positions. Entry Level Positions

5  Speech-Language Pathologists work with people who cannot produce sound, or cannot produce it clearly.  They work with a variety of patients, those with disorders, harsh accents, vocal cord damage, etc.  They must develop personalized plans for each patient. Nature of Work

6  Desk or table  Clean and comfortable  It is not physically strenuous, but it requires attention to detail. Working Conditions

7  There were 119,300 jobs in 2008  There are 141,400 expected in 2018  The growth of employment is attributed to retirements and regional demand.  The ability to speak another language is a plus. Job Outlook

8 AdvantagesDisadvantages Improving livesMight have to relocate Making a differenceLong, inflexible hours Substantial salaryLoss of family time Advantages/ Disadvantages

9  I love helping people solve problems and seeing impactful improvement.  I am a good listener, and I pay attention to detail.  However, I am not 100% sure if the career would fit into my personal future family goals. Personal Skills

10  Attend a college or university with this undergraduate major.  Maintain a high GPA, so I can get into a good graduate program. Going to Vanderbilt for my Master’s degree is my ultimate goal. Preparation

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