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By: Stella Petty Weather Instruments.

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1 By: Stella Petty Weather Instruments

2 Wind vane A Wind Vane is an instrument used to measure wind direction. A Wind Vane points where the wind is coming from.

3 Hygrometer Hygrometers measure hummidy. How much water vapor that can be in the air depends on air temperature.

4 Barometer A Barometer measures air pressure. When it’s readings are low a storm is coming. When it’s readings are high the weather is fine.

5 Thermometer A thermometer measures temperature. A thermometer has mercury or alcohol in it. Galileo invented the thermometer.

6 Anemometer Anemometers measure wind speed. Cups on the top spin when wind blows into them. The faster the wind, the faster they spin.

7 Rain Gauge The four precipitations are rain, sleet, snow and hail. Rain is measured with a rain gauge. The tube on it measures rain.

8 Nephoscope A nephoscope is an instrument used to measure the movement of clouds.

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