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Plants Structure – Leaves stem stem roots roots. Leaves.

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1 Plants Structure – Leaves stem stem roots roots

2 Leaves

3 Function of leaves  Trap light energy for photosynthesis Producing sugar from photosynthesis  Exchange of gases – oxygen and carbon dioxide


5 Structure Wide Helps to catch more light energy Thin Help get carbon dioxide from bottom to top of leaf for photosynthesis

6 Leaf structure Greener on top CO 2 gets in here

7 Leaf diagram – palisade layer CO 2 Most chlorophyll

8 Leaf cell - palisade Position? Upper surface of leaf Features? Box shape ChloroplastsFunction?Photosynthesis

9 Gas exchange  Leaves are designed to allow carbon dioxide to get to the main chlorophyll layer at the top of the leaf  They have small holes called stomata on the under surface  Each hole is open & closed by 2 guard cells

10 Leaf diagram – stoma and guard cells

11 Stoma position

12 Stoma is a small hole Its size is controlled by 2 guard cells closed open

13 Stoma function is for gas exchange in the leaf Carbon dioxide oxygen Guard cell Provided plant is photosynthesising

14 Stomata open and close at different times of the day When it is light the plant needs CO 2 for photosynthesis so the stoma open At night (darkness) they close

15 Gas exchange

16 Roots – function and structure  Hold plant in position  Absorb water and minerals from the soil  Specialised cells to increase surface area for water intake

17 Wheat seed Root hairs Fragile parts of cells that grow from the main root They massively increase the surface area for absorption

18 Root hair cells (x150)

19 Root ‘B’ has had the hairs damaged -


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