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Student Petitions College Office of Graduate Affairs March 4, 2014.

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1 Student Petitions College Office of Graduate Affairs March 4, 2014

2 A request for a one-time, individual exception to a University or College policy Filed by the department on behalf of the student Requires departmental endorsements Requires, at a minimum, review and approval by COGA What is a petition?

3 Most Common Leave of Absence Time Limit Extensions 5 Month Rule (Comp to Final) Reduced Hour Master’s Degree Less Common Retroactive Withdrawal Committee Composition Coursework Expiration 5 Year Rule (Comp to Final) Readmission After Dismissal Petition Types

4 PTD System – Leave of Absence – Time Limit Extension – Miscellaneous PTD Other Forms – CLAS Retroactive Withdrawal – Fac Ex Appeal – (Petition to Late Enroll/Schedule Change) How To File

5 1.COGA Student Services Coordinator – Ensures that all required documentation/endorsements are included – Evaluates student file/advising report, endorsements – Prepares petition file for review by Director 2.COGA Director – Reviews rationale, endorsements – Considers precedent, consequences of approval/rejection – Forwards on to subcommittee and/or CGS as required 3.CGS Subcommittee – 9 types of petitions require additional level of review by three member-committee of College faculty (includes ALL Time Limit Extension Requests) – Director may refer other petitions as needed – Review documents, advising report, notes College-level Review

6 4.Graduate Dean (Graduate Studies) – Limited number of petitions require additional review by the Graduate Dean – Petitions dealing with GTA/GRA/GA matters, committee composition, readmission after dismissal, residency (subject to change with new Dean) 5.Faculty Executive Council – Late Enrollments in Regularly Scheduled Courses – Retroactive Enrollments – Retroactive Withdraws (also requires CGS subcommittee approval) University-level Review

7 Expected turnaround times: – COGA only review: 2-3 business days – COGA + Subcommittee: 5-10 business days – Multiple Levels of Review: 10-15 business days Petition process is not complete until department & student receive notification (email or approved PTD) Additional information may be required of student and/or department at any time Timelines

8 COGA Website: Petitions (under Department Resources) PTD Guide (under Department Resources) Enrollment Changes Chart (Under Enrollment) Form Finder (under Department Resources) Resources

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