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Bitrix® Site Manager 9.5 Fast to Create, Easy to Manage.

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1 Bitrix® Site Manager 9.5 Fast to Create, Easy to Manage

2 2 Bitrix® Site Manager 9.5 Overview Sets up a new industry standard in website management usability with the “Amber” concept Accelerates website development process and requires minimum professional attendance for maintenance Reinforces the product position as a leading website management solution for small and medium-sized businesses Enhanced functionality for development of highly-customized online training sites Decreased learning curve for content editors and error probability minimization

3 3 Bitrix® Site Manager 9.5 Highlights Amber: a new concept of website development and management New ribbon-style control panel interface Extended page editing options at frontend Enhanced backend adaptive interface New e-Learning features Reworked Cache Dependency technique Turnkey website templates for online stores integrated with PayPal and Authorize New social networking features

4 4 AMBER: New WCM Usability Concept New ribbon-style control panel interface Simplified page and menu editing in the frontend Improved adaptive interface in the backend Web page wizards Cache dependencies technique for instant website changes availability

5 5 Switch on and off page editing mode in the frontend Ribbon-style control panel interface contains shortcuts to the most frequently used website management tools Quick access to the backend features for website tuning Switch between turnkey website templates to experience alternative skins Pin the Control Panel to save its position when scrolling down web page

6 6 To edit web page item simply point the cursor on it then select the desired action

7 7 Same way content editors can edit menus and templates

8 8 When editing website item the system automatically transliterates the title into friendly URL contributing the search engine optimization Easily add pictures from a local drive, website structure or media library

9 9 After any change to the website content or structure a yellow bar pops up below the Control Panel and let content editors quickly undo changes Website content and structure changes are now instantly available online. No need to wait for scheduled cache refresh or push the manual cache refresh button

10 10 The quick access button provides shortcuts to the most important website management tools in the backend The adaptive interface stores the editor’s activity patterns and settings (favorites, filters, toolbars, etc.) and creates a portable personal workspace that brings accustomed user experience to any computer and browser the editor may use.

11 The e-store template now ready to work with PayPal and other payment systems 11

12 12 The e-Learning module now supports import of training courses in SCORM format

13 13 Training courses can be enliven with video and audio data using integrated media player

14 14 Search engine covers training courses with real- time indexing and cross- content discovery

15 15 Extended training courses configuration allows to let users to proceed with next course depending on results in previous courses

16 16 Other Important Features Improved content rating system Website management components tooltips with descriptions and links to documentation for more details Maximum compatibility of WYSIWYG-editor with top popular browsers including IE, FF, Chrome and Opera


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