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AVID PROGRAM Advancement Via Individual Determination [L. avidus]: eager for knowledge.

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2 AVID PROGRAM Advancement Via Individual Determination [L. avidus]: eager for knowledge

3 Why AP and access? AP courses are often treated like the best family china, brought out for special guests –Jay Matthews, Class Struggle Advanced Placement course-taking is more strongly related to degree completion than to mere entry into postsecondary education, and 85 percent of those who took AP courses continued their education after high school. –Cliff Adelman, Answers in the Toolbox (1999)

4 Purpose of AVID To prepare under-represented students for four-year college eligibility and to restructure the teaching methodologies of an entire school to make college-preparatory curricula accessible to all students

5 The AVID Student Profile s “B” — “C” grade averages s College potential with support s Enrolled in “regular” classes Under-represented Disadvantaged s Low SES s Historically under - represented in Pre-AP ™, AP ®, and rigorous Courses s First in family to attend college

6 AVID National Facts s Founded by Mary Catherine Swanson in 1980 at Clairemont High School in the San Diego Unified School District sOver 90% of AVID’s graduates enroll in college, and AVID students are staying in college once they enroll. 89% of those who start college are in college two years later. Mehan et al., Constructing School Success, Cambridge University Press, 1996

7 AVID Texas Facts sAVID is currently implemented in 74 high schools and middle schools in 23 school districts in Texas s12 were named AVID National Demonstration Schools in Fall, 2001 s2 in SAISD:Fox Tech and Edison

8 Texas Specific Findings The combined 1999-2001 attendance rate for AVID students was four percentage points higher than the year prior to the students enrolling in AVID. The combined GPA for AVID students went up slightly over two years, even though they were in harder classes.

9 92% of AVID students are now on track to completing the Recommended Program. AVID Student attendance is averaging at 96% district wide. AVID students’ 2001 TAAS Scores were 9% higher in writing, 11%higher in reading and 12%higher in math compared to SAISD high schools. 90% of AVID graduates in San Antonio ISD have been accepted to 4-year universities. SAISD Specific Findings

10 SAISD Specifics  AVID is supported by organizations such as the Downtown Rotary Club and Frost National Bank  Some of our AVID programs have mentorship's which allow for professional shadow days.  Each campus has a strong community member as their elected representative for the district AVID advisory board.  4 AVID tutor college graduates have been hired as SAISD teachers (two are AVID teachers).

11 Components of AVID Support structure for students in the “middle”: 1.AVID class meets as an academic elective. 2.AVID students enroll in an intensive set of courses with eventual goal of Recommended High School Program or Distinguished Achievement Program. 3.Students learn explicit skills for success in these more rigorous courses. 4.Trained college tutors lead group tutorials in core subject areas.

12 The AVID Site Team: consists of lead teachers, a campus administrator, and a lead counselor entire team receives training at Summer Institute team meets at least monthly to help coordinate the AVID program team works over time to increase faculty awareness about AVID methodologies team leads the campus process for addressing issues of access to advanced courses

13 The AVID Essentials Selection (of students) Participation (of students and staff) Scheduling (school commitment) Rigor (advanced courses) Writing (strong, relevant writing curriculum) Inquiry (basis of instruction) Collaboration (basis of instruction) Tutorials (college tutors) Data (collected and analyzed) Resources (school is committed to ongoing staff development) Site Team (interdisciplinary)

14 The AVID Essentials AVID will always Keep Children First…

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