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Using Scran “Stuff” Storing Organising Sharing Scran Training PowerPoint 2.

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1 Using Scran “Stuff” Storing Organising Sharing Scran Training PowerPoint 2

2 Registering for Your “Stuff” Your “Stuff” will open up in a new window – you can move easily between the two windows (Scran and your “Stuff”) by minimising either one (eg in Internet Explorer) or opening them in different tabs (eg in Firefox). Click on the “Log In” link next to “Stuff”.

3 Registering for Your “Stuff” Click “Register for Stuff” When the next window opens, type in your chosen user name, password (different to your Scran login) and email address and click “Register”. Then close the window to go back to the “My Stuff” login page.

4 Logging Into Your “Stuff” Type in your username and password and click “Log In”. There is a Password Reminder option too if you ever forget your details.

5 “Stuff” Interface You can store albums, searches, thumbnails, notes, creations and alter your preferences. Your albums are shown in the front page.

6 Storing Thumbnails Note the options under every record. To store the image, simply click “Save” and then select “Save to Stuff Scrapbook”.

7 Storing individual records This will store your chosen thumbnail in the “Scrapbook” section of your “Stuff”. When you want to go to its full record, just click on the thumbnail, or click “Open”.

8 Creating Albums You can save images into Albums to keep them organised. Start by giving your Album a name and clicking “Create Album”.

9 Storing an Image in an Album Note the options under every record again. To store an image in your Album, simply click “Save” and select “Save in selected Album”.

10 Storing an Image in an Album The thumbnail image will automatically be inserted into the Album you have open. You can continue to add more images to this album by clicking “Save” and then selecting “Save in selected Album” under any image. When you want to view a thumbnail’s full record, simply click on the thumbnail.

11 Managing Albums If you want to change to a different album or create a new one, just click “Close Album”. This will bring you back to your album list and the “Create a New Album” option. You can have as many albums as you like and each one can contain as many images as you like.

12 Album Views and Tools At the top of each album you will see a drop down menu of different ways to view your album and different tools that you can use. Click on the arrow to open the menus and see your various options.

13 Album - Pictures View Choose “Pictures Only” view to see the thumbnails stored in your album.

14 Album - Worksheet View Choose “Worksheet” view to see the thumbnails down the left and text down the right.

15 Album - Worksheet View You can edit any of the text that accompanies your thumbnails by clicking “Edit” under an image when you view the “Standard View” of your album. This will allow you to produce a Worksheet with your chosen text / questions, directly from an album.

16 Album - Slides View View any of your albums as a simple slide show by selecting “Slides” from the View menu.

17 Sharing Resources You can share any album or creation you have stored in your “Stuff” with any other “Stuff” user. Just click “Copy” next to the resource…

18 The resource will automatically be sent to their “Stuff” account and they will receive an email to let them know. Sharing Resources Type in the other person’s “Stuff” username and click “OK”.

19 Next Steps You’ll find more PowerPoint presentations on Scran covering: Creating with Scran (Scran Training PowerPoint 3) Using Scran in your chosen sector / subject area (Scran Training PowerPoints 4 - 20)

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