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Costume Designer Dolly Urnezis Professor Libolt Fashion 105 April 28, 2011.

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1 Costume Designer Dolly Urnezis Professor Libolt Fashion 105 April 28, 2011

2 Duties Oversee entire costume production Develop wardrobes, footwear, accessories and other fashion apparels to be used in theatre, film and television Responsible for researching, designing, drawing and sewing costumes Sketch costume designs and develop costume drafts and layouts Study scripts and story lines to conceptualize the costume style Find costume styles, fabrics, patterns and designs to go with the production Work closely with directors, producers and costume design team Find and purchase ready-made costumes Manage costume budget Supervise costume fittings and dress rehearsals Oversee overall production schedules

3 Education College degree not required A 2 year or 4 year degree in fashion or costume design is preferred and suggested Broad knowledge on arts, fashion and general world history suggested Bachelors or advanced degrees in fine arts, fashion, costume design, set design, or theatre design preferred Relevant work and field experience suggested

4 Abilities Skilled in drawing, sewing, tailoring and pattern making Excellent research skills Superb designing and dressmaking skills Must have a good understanding of textiles, fabrics, accessories and latest fashion trends Understands body types and is able to style appropriately Able to meet deadlines and stay within budget

5 Personal Qualities Creative Artistic Detail oriented Organized Impeccable fashion sense Excellent communication and people skills Eye for detail, color and shape Natural leader Able to multitask

6 Salary Vary depending on experience and expertise Entry-Level Costume Designer: $500/ production Experienced Costume Designer: $20,000/production Top-Level Costume Designer: $150,000/production New York pays the highest salary for costume designer positions

7 Location & Availability Largest and highest paid markets are in New York and Los Angeles Employment opportunities for costume designers are rising Competitive employment atmosphere Jobs opportunities in local theaters, schools and non-profit organizations are easier to get Typical Career Path-Design Assistant, University/Regional Theatre > Costume Designer, University/Regional Theatre > Costume Designer, Broadway/Off- Broadway Productions > Costume Designer, Television and Film

8 References training-requirements-career-salary-employment/ training-requirements-career-salary-employment/

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