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Miss Hill’s Class Home Click the red barn to learn more about babies on the farm!

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2 Miss Hill’s Class Home Click the red barn to learn more about babies on the farm!

3 Farm Babies PigsCows Chickens Horses Sheep Turkeys Dogs Cats Ducks Standards Click on a picture to learn more! Movie

4 This Little Piggy Mother pigs are called Sows, and father pigs are called boars. Baby pigs are called piglets. Sows can have 10 piglets at a time! Pigs use their snouts to smell. Home

5 Giddy-up Horse Father horses are called stallions. Mother horses are called mares. Foals are baby horses. Baby boy horses are called colts, and baby girl horses are called fillies. Horses like to eat grass, hay, and oats. Home

6 Baa Baa Black Sheep Ewes are mother sheep. They have 1 or 2 babies, called lambs. Sheep are very soft and their wool makes a lot of things like warm blankets. Home

7 3 Little Kittens Male cats are called Toms, and female cats are called mollys or queens. Baby cats are called kittens. Cats are useful on the farm because they catch mice and are fun to play with. Home

8 Cock-a-doodle-doo Female chickens are called hens. Male chickens are called Roosters. Baby chickens are called chicks. They are hatched from eggs. Home Click to hear what baby chicks sound like! Click to hear what a rooster sounds like!

9 Give a Dog a Bone Baby dogs are called puppies. They are born with their eyes closed. Dogs can smell and hear really well. Sheep dogs help keep all the sheep together and they help move them to different places. Home

10 5 Little Ducks Went out to Play Male ducks are called drakes, but females are just called ducks. Babies are called ducklings. Ducks love to be in water and they have webbed feet to help them swim. Geese are part of the duck family. Home

11 Wobble-Gobble Turkeys Boy turkeys are called Toms. Girl turkeys are called Hens. Baby turkeys are hatched from eggs, and are called poults. Feathers cover their bodies to keep them warm. Turkeys make a sound called a gobble. Home

12 The Cow Jumped Over the Moon A calf is a baby cow. All Dairy cows are girls and they give us milk. Milk is stored in the cow’s udder. Home

13 Assignment Now that you know all about farm animals and their babies, go on a trip with your family and take pictures of all the animals! –Have your parents help you –Take a picture of 5 of the animals you learned about –Bring your pictures to class! (We will put all your pictures into a book!) Home Movie Other Websites

14 Standards Kindergarten: Standard 3 –Objective 2: Observe and describe animals in the local environment. Observe, describe, draw, and compare familiar animals. Describe how young animals are different from adult animals. Describe how animals care for their young. Observe and imitate the sounds and movement with songs, dances, and storytelling. Distinguish between real and make-believe animal behaviors. Home AssignmentOther Websites

15 Citations (2011, Jun 21). Retrieved from Pics4Learning website: (2010). Retrieved from Free Photo Bank website: Burkewood, K. (2008). Retrieved from Alphabet Road- "F" Is For Farm- "Farm Animals" website: (2011, Jun 21). Retrieved from K-12 Educator Resources- UEN website: Home AssignmentOther Websites

16 Click the black box to watch a movie about farm animals! Home Citations Assignment

17 Kids Farm Kids National Geographic Click on the picture for more fun! Home UEN Citations

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