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2 Ansell Adams Ansell Adams was born in Western Addition, San Francisco in California, on the 20 th February 1902 – 22 nd April 1984. He studied in Yale and Harvard University. Adams genre of photography is nature and landscapes. He uses people and black white images of nature and wildlife within. I like the way Adams has used a slow shutter speed to create images that are so colorful only using the natural light from the sun. Within this image Adams has took in the back ground, for ground and middle ground to create a slight refection of colour within the water. Within this image I really like how Adams has used the stiletto technique and has created an interesting contrast between the dark mountains and the colorful light clouds against the bright blue sky.

3 Again I feel Adams like to use the effect of natural light at sun rise and sun set to create a wonderful reflections within the water that contrasts against the boldness of the black rocks in the for ground, middle ground and the trees within the background. I think Adams used a slow shutter speed to allow all the natural light into the image.

4 Jim Brandenburg Jim Brandenburg is an Environmentalist and Nature Photographer. He was born in November 23 rd, 1945 age 69. He grew up in Luverne, Minnesota in the United States. He went to Worthington Community College and the University of Minnesota Duluth and majored in art history. He later went on to freelance photography and then gained a contract with Natural Geographic Magazine. Brandenburg has used a short focal point to capture this images of the wolf. I feel Brandenburg would have used a fast shutter speed for this image because of the animals nature and instinct. Within the image I feel Brandenburg has again used a short focal point as the background has a lot of noise. The foreground however is focusing on the water and the reflection and ripple cause by the animal. This would have been a very fast shutter speed to capture the movement of water.

5 I really like this image as the colour of the lights reflect against the dark sky. I feel this is a really good image of landscape and movement across the whole image. These Images were taken with a fast shutter speed and high aperture to capture the natural light and the frozen shot of the horses running at high speeds. I really like this image as you can see the horses clearly and the detail of their hair and Maine, I feel this gives the image the look of motion.

6 Charlie Waite Charlie Waite was born in England in 1949, he is a English landscape photographer known for his painterly approach when using light and shade within his work. Waite worked in a theatre and television before he moved on to photography and has lectured throughout the UK, Europe and the US. He also runs and takes part in a photographic tour company called light and land. He has also had a range of books and is in a wide range of magazines. I like both these images because they have very nice leading lines using the natural space and environment. I also like how the reflections of the mountain and clouds are seen within the water and the difference between the colour tones seen from the image and the reflection.

7 Within these images I like the contrast between the dark cloudy sky and the water reflecting of the light through the clouds. Both images have leading lines that cut across both images in the middle creating a shaded line meeting between sky and sea.

8 Galen Rowell Galen Avery Rowell was an American wilderness photographer and climber. He was born in Oakland California, he died 11 th August 2002 in Inyo County. Rowell studied Physics at the University of California and became a full time photographer in 1972. Rowell was never trained as a photographer but he used to climb many different areas and took images along the way which developed his love for the art. He dropped out of university after four years to follow his love for climbing and taking these beautiful images of the wilderness. This image is an landscape image focusing on the background and the reflections within the water and ice. I really like how the reflections change on the ice compared to the dark shadows in the water. This image also uses sliding lines that separates the background to the middle of the image. I really like the effect this image has from the darkness of the mountains to the flecks of light breaking through the background.

9 Within these images they have really strong leading lines although the image is full of detail. I really like how Rowell captures beautiful images involving natural light and movement of animals it captures the pure beauty of our natural world. Both image have background leading lines and other interesting details within the images. I really like Galen Rowell’s work and I am going to use him for inspiration of my work.

10 Nick Brandt Nick Brandt is an English photographer who photographs exclusively in Africa and capturing wonderful images of the wilderness Africa has to offer. He was born 1966 in London, England. He attended Saint Martin’s School of Art and studied painting and then film. He has produced a range of images as well as films for the late Michael Jackson. It was then when Brandt discovered his love for animals and continued with photography. I really like the use of black and white photography because I feel it high lights the depth to the image. Brandt uses the centre of the camera as the main focus of his images to allow close up and detailed full images.

11 All these images have been the full focus within the lens and I really like the detail of the animals that have been captured. Also Brandt’s images have a small focus range as the animal is in focus and the back ground is blurred. I really like this effect and I am going to explore it within my own work.

12 David Maitland Maitland studied a Zoology degree at St. Andrews University which was followed by a PhD in Zoology from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. As he used photography in a variety of techniques within his studies promoted his love for photography of animals. So he then became a full time Nature photographer in 2006. And from this point he has continues to do Nature photography and still enjoys his work.

13 Maitland has used natural light within these images and I really like how they look so I would like to use natural light within my final piece. I like how parts of the image is in focus and the background is blurred. i am going to use David Maitland as inspiration within my work. He also uses centre alignment for his images.


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