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Welcome to Western Illinois University and the College of Education & Human Services.

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1 Welcome to Western Illinois University and the College of Education & Human Services

2  Teacher Education programs are not available for GRAD Trac.  Bilingual Education  4 ½-5 year program.  Some summer work may be needed.  Study abroad required during junior year.  Additional Spanish courses may be needed.  Must become proficient in oral and written Spanish  Early Childhood Program  4 year program requires summer work or 18 s.h. each semester.  Sequential program.  Elementary Education  4 year program may require summer work or 18 s.h. semesters.  Sequential program.

3  Special Education Program  K-High School  4 year program.  Sequential program.  Dual Licensure Program  Student’s major in Special Education, receive licensure for both Special Education and Elementary Education.  Take additional Elementary Education required courses.  4 1/2 year program; some summer work may be needed.  Physical Education  K-12  4 year program  Sequential program

4  As an Education major you will have 15-17 hours per semester (5-6 classes)  For every 1 semester hour of a course a student should expect to study a minimum of 2 hours outside of class.  Example: 3 credit hour class = 6 hour minimum study time per week Attendance is important! Books are important!

5  2.75 cumulative and major GPA for entrance to Teacher Education Program (end of 3 rd semester) and junior/senior level departmental courses. (PE requires minimum 2.50 GPA)  The Illinois State Board of Education requires all candidates seeking teacher licensure to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all directed general education courses, all core courses and all courses in the option. Note: C- is below a C.

6  Must meet all requirements by end of sophomore year:  2.75 (2.50 for PE) cumulative & major GPA.  Minimum grade of “C” in ENG 180, 280, COMM 241 and required MATH course.  Reflective Paper  ICTS Test of Academic Proficiency: $125 (computer-based test) or ACT Plus Writing ($54.50) or SAT ($52.50)  Technology Competency Assessment: $30  On-line Safety Training  Fingerprint Criminal Background check: $60-$61.75  National Sex Offender, Convicted Methamphetamine Manufacturer and Illinois State Police Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registries will also be checked.

7  ACT Plus Writing. $54.50   Must have a comprehensive score of 22 and a 19 on the combined English/Writing subarea  SAT. $52.50   Must have a composite score of 1030 on the mathematics and critical reading sections of the SAT and a 450 in writing  Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP). $125 fee  Must pass all four areas (Math, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts and Writing)   Preparation materials Required for entrance into TEP (sophomore year).

8  Content Tests.  Required for student teaching clearance.  SPED & BIED majors have 2 content tests.  Dual Licensure requires 3 content tests  Assessment of Professional Teaching.  Required for licensure. Computer based test fees at a Pearson Vue testing Center: $110- $135  edTPA -Cost $300  edTPA is a performance based assessment with versions in 27 different teaching fields covering Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Childhood and Secondary. This will be required for licensure beginning Fall 2015.

9  Students will complete a variety of field experiences prior to student teaching semester  Observations  Tutoring/aiding in the classroom  “Block” pre-student teaching  All placement arrangements are made by university officials  Students will be responsible for their own transportation (within 50-60 miles of campus)

10  Apply for student teaching one year prior.  Students select a student teaching region, placement is made by WIU officials.  Student Teaching Regions.  Chicago suburbs (requires 3.0 GPA and most require an interview).  Chicago city.  Quad Cities.  Western Central Illinois.  Requirements.  Must meet all requirements to be cleared to student teach.

11  The advisor can be the first contact to go to for information and help.  Registration Assistance.  Degree Plan questions.  Policy questions.  Grade appeals.  One mandatory meeting minimum each semester prior to registration.

12  Initial resource and referral.  General concepts, procedures and policies.  Due to FERPA (Federal Education Right to Privacy Act) advisors cannot release information to family members without the consent of the student and appropriate documentation on file with the university.  Parent Guest Access  Students may grant online access to their records to multiple guests (maximum of 5) by selecting Parent and Guest Account Management from the STARS menu. Students may provide different levels of access to their STARS account information for each guest. When a student creates a guest account, the guest is assigned a WIU ID Number and password. The student is responsible for communicating this information to the guest. The guest will use these two items to login to Parent and Guest Access.

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